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Cryospehere Biology Research Papers Vol. 2

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So you might be asking yourself what exactly happened to volume one, all I have to say is flammable glitter—nevertheless this second paper has had some pages added onto it from what I could remember on the previous paper, although the incident will have set me back quite a bit.


“The past several days we had decided to wait out a sudden blizzard that appeared at our arrival but it’s gone on for days and I wasn’t given much time on my commission so I’ve told the natives I’m going out into the snow. Hopefully I’ll be able to check in tomorrow.”


“I was sorely mistaken in thinking going out into this weather was alright, not that I got lost or anything but rather on that it’s freezing… Like jeez, jumpin’ Jaggi. The ecology I’ve seen so far is one dead rat; things look bleak.”


“I’m lost but in my efforts I’ve found some mysterious tracks, these ones are not so much large in size but rather in length! Seems to be reptilian or avian considering the toe to forward most appendage. It’s thumb bends back, probably to help it lift prey… I’ll be back with more info.”


“Never though I would ever be scolded again by another adult but I stand corrected. The chief of the natives called me an id*ot and spat on me; he told me I was reckless and risked many people’s lives that day. If only he could tell me as much about his morals as he did the ecology here.”


“I’ve asked for some additional time to explore the Cryosphere in this area. Finally got it! Took some bargaining but all they did was take most of my guides, I say I’ll be fine. I’ve heard some rumours from the village kids about something sparkling mid-height around the mountains… I’m of course heading there now.”


“That was not a close mountain, in fact, it’s been a literal five days of walking towards a tiny bulge in the distance but alas I’ve finally made it and… it’s enormous. Time to start the climb.”


“Apparently these peoples have specialised Noios they’ve been able to tame here. They have similar features but most notable is their impressive wingspan and even LOUDER and more annoying screeches. They tell me it’s so they can see but I don’t exactly get what they mean.”


“I got what they meant. Echo location, especially adapted for the region since blizzards were particularly a common occurrence, strange, I did not expect Noios of all monsters to have subspecies. We continue to climb the mountain aided by these Noios.”


“Apparently these Noios can’t go all the way from the village to the mountain cause they’ll be be annoyed and run off. Total Aptonoth dung, those things have big wingspans! It could go quite a bit I think, yeah.”



“I’ve been reminded how much time I have left so I’ve decided we won’t be getting breaks anymore, to help enforce this rule I’ve thrown all firewood off the mountain. They don’t know but I think they’ll be alright with it.”


“We’ve come across some giant-ish canines feeding on something dark and metallic like, no blood and seemed to be quite hollow. The whole corpse seemed to be quite dispersed, bits of its skin spread out over the snow. Cannot research the wolves further with how the current area is but I’ll see when I get further up cause I think I’m onto something…”


“So I’ve been kicked in the groin and punched repeatedly on the shoulder once they’d found out about the wood, but now they just wanna head back. And since my deadline was soon I pretended to die. Here was my plan: I grabbed one of the Hunter lady’s bowguns, a big heavy one covered in bling. I shot it at a deer as it proceeded to charge me when I hit its hip. However when it charged me it slammed into my rather thick skull and snapped its neck in the process. I gave it my coat and threw it off the mountain top with them able to see it fall. It worked.”


“They finally packed up and I went on my way up the mountain, I was just about at the peek until a sudden rumble literally crumbled the stone in my hand and dropped me into the snow. And as I laid back I watched a golden light in the sky be slammed into by a shining red light that was traveling way too fast for any normal creature… As the red light slammed into the golden one it turned into a catastrophic meteor in the distance that landed where I think is just about next to the village.”


“I realised I wouldn’t be able to quite make it in time on foot so I did the only thing I could’ve done and shot up and SOS flair, some nice old lady who had this strange blue and electric like Rathalos that was able to take me home quick. That in itself was a surprise to me, someone smart and capable answer my SOS? I wish I had more time to study this place, that Rathalos too but I needed to get home quick since the guild was picking me up quite soon.”


“Good grief, the village looks like ash and craters. My calculations were off and those two lights smashed right into the village, but this wasn’t just the impact, there was a fight here. Everyone seems to be gone too. The dock was in good shape. I found three samples that seemed interesting in the remains. Some prism-like scale, scatters light well, a red flammable powder that could’ve had me confusing it for gunpowder but it was different in how it reacted to the air, sparkling in it. And one other red goopy liquid blood. I’ve brought the samples and it seemed the guild had finally arrived in their weird whale boat of wood. I’ll be off then. Hopefully my papers prove fruitful in the further research of the Cryosphere here.”

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