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Dark souls collaboration?

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As you all know fellow hunters the recent drop of the AC collaboration has some or many of us wondering…. Why? I'm all for free content and Monster Hunter World has provided me almost 1000 hours of play time, as you can tell I love this game. But I ask myself why AC? Why not a game with Monsters/Dragons… AC surely does not bare beasts worthy of a collaboration but the Souls series does. And it most definitely does, I assure you. for examples, The Dragon Kalameet(Dark Souls 1), Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon(Dark Souls 2) , The Guardian Dragon(Dark Souls 2), Ancient wyvern(Dark Souls 3), The Storm King(Dark Souls 3), The Ancient Dragon(Dark Souls 2) and last but not least I give to thee, a descendent of the ancient dragons the emperor of pain and beauty, Dark Eater Midir(Dark Souls 3). Capcom please I beg of you, I will give my zenny and all my monster gems that I have grinded for. Grant us a dragon that defines the word fear and pain, grant us a dragon truly worthy of the title DRAGON for when the day we slay such a divine creature we may bear it's scales as armor it's claws and fangs as weapons so we may strike fear into the hearts of your Arch Tempered monsters. Grant us the fight for our very lives our very soul. Give us the option to create all 14 weapons instead of one(I'm looking at you behemoth…) Lets us make palico armor look menacing not cute that screams "I maybe kitty ,but I claw your flesh off. Fellow hunters what is your say in this, grant me your say and opinions in this matter. May you fortune in the hunts to come hunters.


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