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Deep, physical examination of Kulve Taroth siege

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The fight itself was fantastic. Well-designed area with plenty of verticality and mobility. It encouraged cooperation and camaraderie without forcing it. The level up system was easy to understand. The map guided the fight without scripting it. The fight grew faster and more intense with time. 9.5/10 A breath of fresh air but could have been fresher.

Kulve Taroth is beautiful. Both her golden queen form and her demon goat from hell form. The former was shiny without being gaudy, the gold was well modeled pulling off the gilded look well, her demon goat form looked naked and acted desperate and angry without her gold. 9/10 would make love to a goat again.

The armor is well-designed. It's majestic and uses good design choices to avoid being gaudy despite being almost all gold and sparkles. Takes after the monster well. The skills are good. Crit boost is a godsend and the handicraft free element was a good balance against combining with elementalless types. Also, the palico set is just adorbs and the uppercrust look fits it well. 9/10 I love goooooollld!

The rng was imperfect. It wasn't horrible but the possibility of getting dupes in the same run made it unnecessarily worse. It was further worsened by the fact that most R6 had a better R8 version that two extra augments could not hope to compete with. They could have easily made the R6 weapons the niche weapons with limited but fun uses or fashion fare at the very least. But instead we get weapon models that scream "you can do better". At least they could have been given a more unique aesthetic such as chipped weapons to fit with the homare/sabi aesthetic. Why would such a gorgeous golden goat girl even give such guns a second glance? She wouldn't, she's above them. In addition, the inability to counter bad luck by trading in weapons to get new ones or a lucky voucher effect was frustrating and all but universally disliked. Hopefully Capcom will fix this in future sieges. 6/10 frustrating and could have been done better but not a deal breaker


As for the drops. There was not equal representation between weapon types. HH was all over the place with stats and songs. SnS got 3 upgrades w/ R8 but dubious R7 sidegrades. Since, the best raw GS was already event exclusive more of that would be too much. The new sleep GS was okay, but elemental GS will never be good. Not with less than 800 element. More R8 600+ status would have been a better choice. Lance got a freaking 600 thunder. RIP Nerg/Rath population. GL and HBG were the only ones that got good R6. This was a good opportunity to add new, unique (if niche) weapons, balance and vary the meta, and give hunters new fun toys to play with. 7/10 did not live up to its potential, but wasn't too horrible.

What I'd like to see in future sieges.

  1. A system to counter bad luck.

  2. More unique designs from R6 weapons. Both fashion and stat-wise. e.g. 350 (250) raw but -100% affinity and late white sharpness = strong but unskilled and fits the gilded look.

  3. HH with niche uses song wise and status GS.

  4. SnS: A good white sharp or high affinity alternative to Barroth. High fire, water w/o free elem, and high sleep.

  5. Just more in depth weapon balances overall.

  6. Goldlakas that will help you if you give them Kulve gold/a horn casing carve.

  7. The ability to restrict gathering halls to just the siege.

  8. A changing map. Maybe earthquakes, cave-ins, or flash floods.

I think that about covers everything there was to the siege. Have anything to add?

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