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Design-A-Siege: If you could have an old Monster return as a Siege, who would it be and how would it go?

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The Siege update with Kulve Taroth was a great new take on a classic hunt format. Large monsters previously would slowly plod from area to area, occasionally taking active swipes at the player. In a sense, it wasn't so much Monster Hunter as it was Monster Watcher, which was…boring.

Kulve Taroth's Siege gimmick would be a great thing to try and apply to monsters going forward in the series. While it may seem boring to some players, the Siege gameplay of securing objectives (Break all the parts, gather tracks, etc) would really liven up some of these old hunts. I've got a couple ideas I'd love to see in conjunction with some returning monsters.

Shah Dalamadur: Set in the Elders Recess – phase 1 is about discovering tracks looking for Dalamadur before the ground starts to shift – and you realize you're standing on a Dalamadur that molts into Shah Dalamadur. Phase 2 involves running to the head as it travels the Vale, breaking spikes along the way for rewards and mining opportunities. Phase 3 happens after you break one of the spikes on it's head – Dalamadur throws the hunters off and the battle then is reminiscent of the 4U hunt. After a set amount of damage, Dalamadur breaks the ground and the hunters drop into a darkened cave lit only by the glow of Shah Dalamadur itself.


Nakarkos – Instanced area of the Rotten Vale. Investigate a sudden disappearance of monsters in the Vale. Track down a tempered Vaal Hazak to it's sleeping room when it's suddenly dragged off. Give chase down the newly opened hole, finally reach an island of bones where Nakarakos attacks. Phase 4, the ANGERY squid, can only be reached at a high enough research level.

Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros – Hey, a guy can dream. Would make the ol' man turtle at least somewhat interesting.


Yama Tsukami – I'd love to see a major chase that ends up with the players fighting it in an instanced version of the Gathering Hall. Yama is a big enough floating octopus it can actually easily reach Astera – a fight similar to old Jhen Moran where it's bearing down on the town would be awesome.

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