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Design contest comes back for Iceborne.

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Design contest comes back for Iceborne.

Courtesy of u/Maruci who first shared the links for us over at r/MonsterHunter. To summarize because the page is untranslated, here you go:

  • Application period: Friday, Dec 14th 2018 to Wednesday, Feb 6th 2019 (
  • Offering content: Weapon and armor design.
  • Reward for top 2: Set and Palico weapon appears in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Name is posted on the "staff roll" idk. One of the top 2 will be for a weapon design, the other one for the Palico armor design known as "Protector".
  • Reward for the top 11 (excluding top 2): Name is posted on the "staff roll" again. 7 of the top 11 will be chosen for the weapon design, the other 4 for Palico armor sets.
  • Application is worldwide. USA, Europe and Asia
  • Individual contact will be made with the creators so post content at a higher resolution and provide contact details such as gmail or phone number with the country code.
  • Users will vote to narrow down the armor selection/entries.
  • Concepts will be shown in-game around late March, 2019.

Note: Not yet announced for any place outside of Japan but the site does mention entries from around the world.


Here's the link if you guys wanna see some of the designs for yourself:

Here's the link to the untranslated page with the original announcement:

Original link

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