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Deviljho’s Biology

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Being a big rex like monster it would take a lot of energy to move and due to its high body temperature it would need to eat constantly as well. It’s legs and large tail help keep it balanced so it doesn’t fall and it’s powerful jaws and acidic saliva that generates when hungry helps it eat prey easily. It also possesses strong jumping power being able to easily jump to different rock formation platforms with pinpoint accuracy as demonstrated when it moves near the south west area of the ancient forest. It’d also deceptively fast as it can easily close distance between itself and it’s prey and can jump from a very far distance.

Due to its hunger no ecosystem could possibly sustain them so they are nomadic in nature and could be found in any environment and disrupts the ecosystem and can drive local species to extinction. Interestingly when a Bazlegeuse is in the local area deviljhos will attack on site and vice versa. This is likely due to Baelgeuses desire to fight strong opponents and Deviljhos extreme hunger causes it to fight Bazelgeuses due to their high mass and potentially good nutrition. How it could survive most environments is likely due to its strong durability having more hp than the final boss of mh tri.

However due to its high temperature being what causes its hunger it likely would be less hungry when in cold environments and being in high temperatures could cause it to be more hunger than normal however this doesn’t seem to happen. I’m not too sure why this is someone who’s good at biology hopefully can come up with some explanation.

Deviljho’s seem to get their dragon energy from a special organ contained within them. If an old Deviljho were to cannibalizes another and eat this organ it would absorb it adding it’s power to its own and becoming a savage deviljho.


These specimens are far more powerful than the standard variant can use their dragon breath in their calm state and are extremely dangerous as the hunters guild only allows G rank hunters to hunt it. Their power rivals and may possibly surpass that of elder dragons.

It’s appearance is similar to the standard variant when they are in rage mode and glow red showing old scars from previous battles. However this is actually the savage variants calm state. When it’s in its own rage mode the dragon energy within it starts overflowing and it’s dragon breath gains more power and range.

However despite its power it’s not without its weaknesses.

While being far stronger it gets tired more easily and may possibly be as the end of their lifespan. It’s possible that when it’s in its rage mode and it’s dragon energyis overflowing is actually slowly killing it. As a result of this the longer a savage Deviljho stays in his state the shorter it’d lifespan is.

Finally there is the most powerful variant found in mezeporta called the Starving Deviljho.

This is the most powerful and dangerous variant the starving deviljho is far larger than other variants and has a golden hide and aura with spikes on their back and sharper teeth. They ask so posses far more control over dragon energy than the other variants.

A truly dangerous species though I’m not sure if I got everything right im hoping there are people who are good at biology that can better explain how they get hungry so easily and how they are able to be so big or what causes them to turn red.

Hope you all liked this please comment and give your explanations for how these monsters tick and I wanna know if people want more of these I’m willing to do research on more monsters s please give suggestions.

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