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Diablos re-ignited my will to hunt

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A bit of a background: started with Tri on wii, played almost every other title (except the first one and GU) now plyaing world since its pc release.

Let's talk about Diablos:
This monster grew on me a LOT lately. I started by hating him in Tri, so i didn't hunt him as much in that game, until he became "just another entry in the rooster". In 4u i used him and Tigrex for GP practice for charge blade, but i found Tigrex as a much easier hunt, since he was squishy, so Diablos was mostly ignored.
Fast forward to world: Most of Diablos' weapons are REALLY good, so i started farming him and to have an easier time i always used my trusty CB (occasionally gunlance), i got pretty lucky with drops and finished what i wanted quickly. Fast forward again until end game content and i find the game a bit "stale" since on PC it's quite a bit behind on content and most sets that i want to build are just not there yet, so i started scouting for decorations, but it got boring quickly.
After a while i realized that i had quite a few Tempered Diablos investigations still unchecked, so i decided to advance RNG for decorations while farming jewels with those quests (solo).
By fighting him over and over i started loving the fight more and more each time.
It's just a glorified bullfight where he won't stop attacking you and you won't stop countering him. It's a duel until death, a duel of determination and relentless onslaught from both side, the moment you stop or fail you're fu*ked, but if you don't he becomes an easy target. That's especially true for tempered Diablos / Black Diablos.
Even though his tail might have some issue with hitboxes frome time to time, the fight is 100% fair game, no status, no blights, no pins, no cheap attacks, but what he does have is a trucklaod of damage for each hit he lands, it's essentially a test of skill.
If any of you have played Dark Souls 3 i can compare him to Champion Gundyr, a fight where the boss uses mostly straightforward attacks, he can be parried and the more you damage him the faster and harder he hits, and i loved that fight to death.
I'm just saddedned by the fact that i realized how good this fight is just now.
There's nothing much to add on this, except the feeling it gives, the satisfaction of taking down such a magnificent and relentless beast with nothing other than your weapon and your skill, but i guess that's just Monster Hunter at its core.

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Dear Diablos, even though Brachydios is my favorite monster design, you're, from now on, my favorite fight in all of Monster Hunter.

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