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Do you doot? Wanna doot with a LOT of raw damage? You’ve come to the right place!

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Do you doot? Wanna doot with a LOT of raw damage? You've come to the right place!

Part 1 of my HH meta guides, element and status will be coming soon. Brief rundown for anyone that doesn't have time to watch:

  1. Rasping Ballad (as expected): tippy top of the charts when it comes to smacking any old thing around. Sports the highest raw currently with NEB and 2 attack augments, and comes with the Blaze note set for pure offensive goodness. The main cons (and reasons that this isn't a top 1 list) are the short purple that disappears fast if you can't hit weakspots consistently and the lack of song utility.

  2. Mad Bone Horn III: this HH isn't just a good story progression option, it holds onto its power all the way through to endgame (don't let the lack of purple fool you). Comes with a bunch of miscellaneous immunity songs on top of the great Speed/Evade Boost song. If you need to be light on your feet to keep up with a monster, that'll let you do it–the fastest unsheathed walking speed in the game is yours with Bone. Tigrex has the same song set, but the reason it's not listed is because Bone has a LOT more room to stack raw between custom mods, an extra slot, and free augments that don't need to go into negating negative affinity.

  3. Austere Paradise: Shara is 'comfy raw' for HH too, made even more comfy because HH has song utility. If you want to hit hard, go into fights with a bit more durability, and have a bit more leeway to miss weakspots and still stay in purple, Austere is the HH for you. You'll see it showing up again in a later listing because Shara HH pulls double duty as both the 3rd strongest raw HH and the #1 best dragon element option as well.

  4. Denden Doomsounder: the new guy on the block has some hurtles to jump between negative affinity, needing Handicraft to reach white, and having the 15% Attack Up instead of 20%, but it's silly-high base raw catapults it onto the top 5 list anyway. Its best raw set technically has it beating Shara by a touch of extra damage, but you need good Peak Performance and Agitator uptime to keep the lead. There's a more consistent set with less conditions to meet, but it being weaker is why I put Denden at #4. That said, it and Shara are close enough that they can be used more or less interchangeably in the same niches.

  5. Sonorous Eisfyl: good looks, good stats, Velkhana's HH has it all. It's a good general purpose weapon, but it really shines I'm fights where it can make use of its ice element. Eisfyl is another 1 that'll be showing up in more than 1 list, because when built for element instead of max raw it puts in work there too. If for whatever reason you're still using Jho HH from the good ol' days when it was meta in World…lay the pickle to rest and pick up the chandelier. The high negative affinity post Max Might nerf is just too much for it to be worth running for anything other than looks, and Eisfyl is beautiful so why not swap? Having the same songs and comparable damage with 30% more effective affinity helps too of course, but I mean…look at this thing. Easily a top 5 best looking Horns if nothing else.

Hope you find this useful!

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