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Does anybody else think Xenojiiva is unbelievably annoying and unfun?

main img base 1024x624 - Does anybody else think Xenojiiva is unbelievably annoying and unfun?

I might be alone here but I really hate Xenojiiva. It isn’t hard (rather it’s one of the easier fights) but it feels like you need it’s horns for a lot of items and yet they are nigh impossible to break with 80% of the weapons in this game because of how much his head (and his body in general) moves. I hate using Bow and bowgun for the most part despite being decent with them but I feel forced to use them when fighting Xeno because nothing else has the reach to hit his head consistently due to how much it moves and how high up it usually is. Meanwhile Xeno claws aren’t used for anything other than Xeno weapons, which quite frankly suck, for a “final boss” level monster to not have any unique weapon models is beyond disappointing.


This is getting pretty close to MHRage material but does anybody else feel that the Xeno fight and its rewards are horribly flawed?

Maybe I’m just missing something but the horns feel brutally annoying to get and make me dread farming Xeno.

Edit Might as well add that it has no unique or cool mechanics unless you think the burning floor is revolutionary in some way, his attacks are slow and obvious, his weapons get outclassed by basically everything in addition to not having unique models, and his armor is all but useless for every weapon except bowguns (with the exception of the arms with Crit Boost being good in some setups). Ultimately Xeno doesn’t feel like a final boss should imo

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