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Does anyone have lore accompanying their hunter?

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Does anyone have lore accompanying their hunter?

I see this more commonly in those that have stuck to the series for some time and replicate the same hunter with every title's character creation, but despite World being my first MH game, I have a mental obligation to tailor backstory following my hunter's journey. This got to me more when the Handler kept asking why I came to the New World, and I would go "Haha I sure wish I could tell you because I've got thousands of words on it-"

I find it fun to craft a story like that for characters you're allowed to create, and I sure wish I could change my hunter name, because though my original character was a hunter climbing on her eldest years but still kicking butt, character vibe changed completely after I got the faux felyne layered armor.

Vermin, my fifth fleet hunter, is just that, a lynian. However, inspired from the layered armor, I thought up a sort of Monster Hunter-tabaxi variant called lyons (boy am I creative, thank you for making the job easy capcom), that were a type of lynian with genes strong enough to become a fully bipedal and much larger counterpart of their corresponding lynian subspecies in game. Nearly all full grown lyons are given groups of smaller felynes/grimalkynes/melynxes to tend to, though others decide to venture off with the few to no lynians they were given to watchover. Vermin decided to travel with the new fleets gathering to explore a new land, and took her musical heritage with her. Her only companion, a soon-to-be palico named Plague, (both named for their annoying tendencies), came with her in a great curiosity.


After being begrudgingly accepted into the fifth fleet, immediately picking up a Hunting Horn for her passion in instruments, and whacking every monster she found with the huge songmaking-hammer, she found her primal instincts and fast reflexes to come in incredibly handy in monster hunting (and she was highly popular among the grimalkyne locals). She's become fixated on dressing up in her fanciest clothing and going out doing insane monster-killing stunts while looking utterly fashionable, and sending letters to all her old felyne pals that she finally felt worthwhile. After all, she had been told that she was completely to irresponsible to keep track of an entire lynian tribe – she thought her many, many faints to huge beasts in this new world, losing an eye to an especially angry Safi'jiiva, and being praised because of it entirely proved otherwise.

In short, I draw my monster hunter character constantly having to keep track of her tail during battle, and have made a personal oath never to take off the faux felyne head.

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