Monster Hunter World

Don’t forget to take your might seeds, good hunters!

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Don't forget to take your might seeds, good hunters!

So, it's story time!

I'm soloing Freedom Unite. Probably cause i am a masochistic psychopath or something like that, i don't know. Everything is pretty smooth, except Gravios and Kirin. Gravios is never smooth, is he? Well, untill they added climbing, which made getting to softer parts easier, or so i heard. Anyway! After a pretty horrible experience of trying to gun down two black ones with water shots i've realized that the only thing that would help me are bombs. A lot of bombs!

So, some time later. Epic hunting quest: sakura ratian, red hentai bake neee! khezu and gravios. Of course they left gravios for the end! Here i am, most of my armor is low rank cause i am certainly masochistic, rajang light bowgun and a lot of crags and clust. I don't think i need to tell that the set was for Artillery king and Bullet Limit. And some normal and pierce for the ladies. First attempt didn't gone well cause of course there are ioprey and genprey flying all over the place in quest with 3 super-drangerous monsters! But on my second attempt i forgot to take a might seeds with me…

That was a mistake.

A big one.

Rathian went smoothly, furfur was cooperating pretty nicely…


And then started flying back and forth between areas 4 times in a row. That's d*ck monster for ya.

So, when i finally caught up with it and finished it, the message appeared. The message nobody playing in party would ever see.

10 minutes left

I quickly find gravios and start rapid firing crags. To no effect. Then other kinds of crags. Still standing. Then clusts.


And then he comes over and does his most dangerous move: tailspin. I'm lying on the ground, 10% of health left. While drinking a potion, i look at the quest window:

Time remaining:




And i fu*king did it!
. With 37 seconds left, i finished that goddamn cucco! Cause winners don't use drugs!

And now i have to beat the other one epic quest…

with Black Gravios at the end


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