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Don’t let the mentality of Elitism tell you how to play the game.

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I'm making this post due to experiencing this kind of pressure.

In Monster Hunter… I've recently been under the impression that if I'm not doing the maximum possible DPS with any given weapon… I'm not playing the game right.

Like how I've heard some people say "The Wyvern Ignition makes all other Great Swords obsolete." or "Why would you use any other Charge Blade besides the Diablos Tyrannis?" Or the Divine Slasher… etc. You get the point.

…But now I've learned that this is far from the truth.

You don't always have to go for maximum DPS.

You know what really matters? I'll tell you.

If you had fun… & You got that "Main objective complete!" Notification to pop up on your screen… That's what really counts.


I'm not saying that you can't go for a maximum DPS setup. If that's how you want to play… That's your choice. No one can tell you otherwise.

You can play defensively… You can play strategically… You can play offensively… The choice is yours.

You wanna play with elemental Great Swords? Go for it!

You wanna use Lunastra weapons? Have fun!

You wanna be a fashion hunter? WHO DOESN'T?!

This game isn't about being the best.

It allows you to play what you want… Use what you want… At whatever pace you want.

The World is your oyster.

Play however YOU desire & don't EVER let anyone demotivate you for it!

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