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Doots 4 Deeps – A Beast of a Hunting Horn Build

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Hey guys, sharing with you my current Hunting Horn build that I rock purely for DPS potential. Capable of solo play but built with multiplayer in mind.

Gear is Bazelreid Rookslayer

 *Critical Boost jewel *Critical Boost jewel (If you got em, you got em, but these are not 100% necessary) 

Bazel Helm B – Earplugs II

 *Protective Polish jewel (Again, not essential. Free Lvl. 3 slot) *Horn Maestro jewel 

Kushala Cista B – Handicraft II

 *Weakness Exploit jewel 

Zeno'jiiva Claws A – Flinch Free I / Critical Boost I

 *Health Boost jewel 

Bazel Coil B – Earplugs II

 * Earplugs jewel 

Dante's Leather Boots A – Weakness Exploit II

 *Health Boost jewel *Health Boost jewel 

Handicraft Charm III

For a lineup of

Earplugs V

Handicraft V

Health Boost III


Weakness Exploit III

Flinch Free I

Protective Polish

Horn Maestro

I've gone for a health regen augment to lessen down time for pots.

Horn Maestro keeps your buffs up longer for more up time on focusing damage.

Max Earplugs to squeeze in songs between monster roars.

Flinch Free for not getting tripped in multiplayer.

Health Boost is personal preference; swapping them to Critical Eye jewels nets you neutral affinity.

With Power Talon/Charm, Self-improvement and Attack up XL, you're at 1231 Attack, which is about 293 raw if I've got my numbers correct.

This has quickly become one of my favorite weapon classes and I'm hoping this guide can get some people started dipping into the Hunting Horn class if they prefer a high DPS ceiling. Happy hunting!

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