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Drop rates for decorations and hero and warrior stones

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My friend is new to monster hunter, and I’ve been playing since the first time monster hunter hit the psp.

I feel like I have a bias for the series and I can’t see the drop rates being as bad as he feels they are as he has seen the drop rates for certain decorations and the stones.

To him, he notices that getting a warped feystone from an elder dragon has a certain percentage of happening, then getting what you want from the given A or S tank jewels. Cuz it’s made worse than you can’t get those from the melder.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you need to have multiple stones for certain weapons if they even drop from the elder dragon just to augment your weapon.

Now, this doesn’t bother me as much as I feel it should. I usually make a ton of weapons and work with what I’m given. I am used to the bow decorations used to be made tho in that you needed certain monster parts to drop but at least that is a smaller loot pool than what we have now. So it kinda feels like my build making is stagnant. Cuz regardless of how many weapons I make my decorations don’t could be better. Granted tho I have some great decorations myself. But again despite that I’m not quite as bothered as he is and perhaps it’s cuz I’m used to working with what I have.


What do the rest of you feel? Am I being complacent about how it works now? Or is my buddy full of it?

He has compared the drop rates to borderlands 2 and he has gone to say “these drop rates are worse than borderlands 2 and that’s saying something.” And admittedly I can see that cuz in borderlands at least you could farm one boss to get what you want without worrying about a massive loot pool and worry about something ELSE dropping should it drop.

It’s a grind I know. I’m used to the grind hence why I’m not bothered but should I be bothered more? It does take far far longer to make a build now because of how important decorations are to build-building.

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