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Dual Slinger – Weapon class

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Knowing all you guys want whips and scythes and what not I though I'd give my idea. Granted it could be a really broken weapon when really considered, but it would also fit the world well, since it's already there. Unlike, let's say pistols.

I posted a shorther version of this in a facebook post and thought I'd extend the idea of it a bit in here.

Dual Slinger – Ranged Melee

Yes, I'd like to see a hybrid Ranged Melee class.

General idea:

The Dual Slinger uses all of berries at the hunters disposal, making it crusial for you to farm berries constantly if you want to keep your stack of might and adamant seeds. The weapon itself gets a boost to damage compared to normal slinger, but is a little bit faster to use as well.

Certain pods, like the Brightmoss would still be a valuable tool to bring flying monsters down etc. You'd just be more affective with it. You'd lose the ability to maybe use some other pods like the flashpods & sonic pods, so that other hunters would still be usefull with you around with their slingers. Or maybe the way Dual Slingers use flash is more like a rapid flash status which acts as a neutralizer of a single attack, much like the stagger. Or the sonics actually do damage to monsters underground.

Also at the end of your combos you'd shoot the actual rope at a part of a monster and shoot the end of the rope to the ground or a tree and the monster would need to rip itself off from it to get free. Giving you a sort of an additional status-stagger no other weapon has.

For the melee portion you can equip either Might Seed or Adamant Seed to give yourself a buff, you cannot shoot them, they are just means for you to get a nice buff and you unlock a transfromation to the weapons, which makes them a sort of Tonfa variant from MHFrontier for a short period of time.

But this weapon transformation is quite strong, so the negative is that you are completely stuck to where you start your combo. You inflict a good amount of elemental/status or exhaust depending on the weapon of choice, so in essense it has similar attributes as the Switch Axe.

I would like to counter the strength of this weapon with the fact that unlike tonfa's, it cannot KO a monster. Since I think it's a huge factor which would make the Dual Slinger too strong of a weapon. But your elemental/status dmg would be similar to that of a Dual Sword and the additional Exhaust less than a Switch Axe bonus.

Additional benefit is that if the game knows there are Wedge Beetles's in a row, you can just press and hold a L2 and the game will automatically shoot the second slinger at the closest Wedge Beetle, even if you don't see it yourself. (automatic pathing)


The way I imagine it to work is that, whenever you unseathe the weapon, you automatically get a reticle on your screen. It would be different from other wepon classes for sure, but I think it's a crusial thing.


You would shoot with the L2 & R2 controlling both arms as a seperate shooter. you can use either or however you wish. You can load up each weapon with combination of items. For example you can have brightmoss on the left and scatternuts on the right, but these combinations you need to figure out at the base-camp or hub-areas. This way the game would not need a different relading system, oyu can still use the same way you always do it. (But I recon L2 might still hinder it a bit)

Pressing both L2 & R2 at the same time would shoot both weapons at the same time. (I list some of the more advanced stuff about movement in the begative section, but in essence I think the weapon should still be a combo weapon, where you need to know how your best combo starts and ends, rather than just shooting Dual Slingers freehand)

Unsure if the weapon should have a clip size or not, after wich youd need a reload or a similar system as the bow. Most likely latter.


Just an idea I'd like to see is self-propelling, similar to how the Vertical maneuvering equipment is used in Attack On Titan. I'd like to see a special combo for the weapon, which has this at the end, which would make closing in faster, for the melee portion of the weapons. Or you could use this self-propelling move any time you are in default stance and not aggroed by a monster by pressing L2+R2 at the same time when certain conditions are met. (similar to Demon Mode)


The largest issue I see from this weapon is the way to use it. It has to have the charactenistics of a ranaged weapon like the Bow for example, but at the same time have even more flexibility in animations, so that they look like you are doing a combo where you have an end-move, which either resets you, uses the rope at the end, (or propels you forward for the melee transform).

Additional issue I see is a good way to balance the weapon. Especially if it would use raw berry like items from your pouch. You'd run out of them quickly contantly, so maybe introducing a different ammotype for them would be a better suggestion, if the only thing it did was increase the ammount you get from combining them instead. This way you could also have healing ammunition at your disposal, since I can't think of any berry that gives healing. Outside of maybe the Heavenberry which sounds like a valid AoE "spell" to me. (Imagining the hunter flying accross all hunters and shooting this thing at them to heal everyone in need)

Damage is also something to consider. I think slingers already do a hefty ammount of staggering and damage, so I'm not 100% of how much the damage boost should be. But for sure I'd like it to have all the benefits to critical hits.


All in all I think it's a valid idea, simply because the weapon already exists in some form and fully realizing it as a weapon class should be an obvious choice. We basically already have the ammunition set for it, we just need one for the right arm as well and some good old fine tuning!

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