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Early Game (Questionable) Monster Concept

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Early Game (Questionable) Monster Concept

Friend and I were thinking of a monster concept, because we were bored. We wanted to go with something very… weird? I guess? So, I thought of an animal that looks quite wonky, a Camel. This is what we came up with:

  • Name: Modameel (Mo-Dah-Meel, combination of the Dutch words for Mud and Camel, with a hint of the word for Earth.)
  • Skeleton: Amphibian, but not completely like Tetsucabra and Zamtrios. We wanna go for a shorter, in length, and more of a bulky design. Also, yes, Modameel would be a Frog Camel thing. More on that in a minute.
  • Concept: Hypothetically, you would encounter this monster in the early game. Think MH4U Basarios/Tetsucabra to Najarala stages of early game, yknow? Therefore, we wanted to go for a gimmick that would involve a feature in the game that isnt explicitly explained in every MH game's tutorial, just like how Yian Kut Ku's whole thing is introducing the concept of Windboxes, and Tetsucabra is heavily inspired by the concept of attacking different body parts for more damage, or breaks. For Modameel, we went with the concept of Mounting.
  • Design (Subject to Change): As touched on before, we want Modameel to look like a short Amphibian, so not the length of Zam or Tetsu. However, to compensate, Modameel has quite the bulky stature. Also, unlike a camel, he has claws instead of hooves. He has King Jaggi-like frills on the sides of his head, however, unlike Great Jaggi's frills, Modameel's are a bit longer and thus hang down the sides of his face. He also has 3 very thin rows of spikes running down the top of his head, down to 1 spot on his forehead. Now, the most important part; the 2 humps on his back. Theyre quite similar to Duramboros humps, but are taller and more slim than the aforementioned Duram. humps. More on what theyre for in a bit. Skin color has yet to be decided, same goes for the frills.
  • Ecology: Modameel is a desert dweller, thus, we envision them to be very fond of the Desert and especially the Sandy Plains (Maybe even the Wildspire Waste, though my knowledge of MHW is minimal). Modameel would most often be found in humid caverns on these maps. Why?, you ask? You know how some people grew to believe that camels used their humps as water storage? We took that litteral. Modameel's cell structure allows it to drain water from the air around him, storing it in his his humps. Sounds real dumb, I know, but just dumb enough for a Monster Hunter monster. He uses this water as a drinking source, and as a natural weapon. This should explain why he likes the humidity in the caves he roams in. However, on rare occasions, Modameel can be seen outside of the caves hunting for Delex in the sands, or looking for D.Seltas egg piles in the mud around the plains. (This D.Seltas egg thing is 100% speculation, seeing as the monster hasnt yet appeared in the Sandy Plains. We went with it though, as we can see the Desert Seltas to inhabit the Sandy Plains.) Modameel are omnivores, their diet consisting of fruit, plants, fish, eggs and some other monsters like the Delex, Cephalos, (Great) Jaggi and Qurupeco. But most of all, its favorite treat is a pile of D.Seltas eggs. Now, Desert Seltas Queen are extremely dangerous, and Modameel are no match for one of them. (This next part is, again, speculation, for the aforementioned reasons.) D.Seltas Queen lays her eggs underground, usually near pools of mud, disturbing monsters like the Barroth, who want to rest in said mud. Thus, Modameel and Barroth team up in an attempt to rid the mud pool that the Barroth calls its territory of D.Seltas eggs. That way, Modameel gets its sought after meal, and Barroth rids its home of D.Seltas. It is worth mentioning that, while very doable, this team-up is very dangerous. If a D.Seltas Queen finds them, she will put up a fight to defend her eggs. The Moda-Barroth team usually triumphs over her, but only just barely.
  • Fight: The locations you would fight Modameel in would be the humid caves, and the areas right outside them, in the Sandy Plains and the Desert (Forgot to mention, Im talking about MHGU Desert.). Areas 5,7 and 11 are a common place for it in the Sandy Plains, as well as areas 1 through 4 on occasion. As for the Desert, Modameel usually hangs out in the cold cave that is area 6, rarely moving to areas 5 or 7. When you do engage combat with the beast, it has quite an array of attacks for a early game monster. First of, we've got the standard Amphibian attacks; A jab with one of its front legs, and a pounce that doesnt go as far as Tetsu's or Zam's. Second, we've got a water ball that it spits out at times, think Zam Ice ball spit, or Tetsu Saliva spit. Unlike the other 2 stamina effects that the aforementioned moves have to do with however, this water ball applies Waterblight. I should mention, all water based attacks Modameel uses, use excess water from its humps. It has to sit still and focus on draining water from the humid air around it at times, just like how Valstrax has to (I think) cool off at times. Or, it Modameel can just go and take a sip of water if theres a body of water nearby. Oh, almost forgot! Where does the mounting come in? You see, if you mount this monster enough times (or just attack its back enough times, but whatever) you can break its humps, one by one. If both its humps are broken, it cant use any of its water attacks anymore. However, it does take quite a bit of effort to break them, so keep at it and you'll get them eventually. Onto its next move then, well, its not really a move, but Ill cover it anyways; Modameel can do a slight charge up for a big jump, by sitting still for a slight moment and focusing all of its raw power in its hind legs, shoving sand/gravel/dirt behind it when it takes off. The sand/gravel/dirt does damage. Almost done. Next up, we've got a basic big water beam, similar to Zamtrios' Ice beam. However, theres a catch; If Modameel has both of his humps, the beam he shoots out can be a big, strong force of water; same animation, and AoE as Zamtrios Ice Bea- I just said that already. However, it can also choose to opt for a smaller, more pressured water beam, similar to the likes of Mizutsune's. Unlike the big beam, it can fire this sporradically around the zone. When it has only 1 hump left, it can ONLY use the smaller beam. When both humps are gone, neither can be used. Both apply waterblight. Then, last but not least, its main gimmick that I definitely did NOT steal from Namielle, whatsoever; During the fight, it spits globs of water at the ground, giving it a muddy substance. Its not quite mud-mud, but its hard to traverse through nonetheless. Modameel moves faster in these, lets called them "Mudpatches", and the player moves slower through them. They arent too big, and dissapear over time, but can absolutely be dangerous. Modameel can then also use its entire water storage to fire off a beam of water around itself, applying a Mudpatch on quite a massive AoE around it, when fired.


So thats pretty much it? After writing this down, I genuinely think its quite a shite idea, which is fair enough, since we thought this up at 5 am lmao. Then again, might just be my lack of confidence. Who knows! Feel free to leave thoughts on Modameel, and all that stuff yada yada.

Right, okay, have a nice day then. Adios.

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