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Educational Post: Tips on how to beat Xeno’jiiva solo with Hammer.

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Educational Post: Tips on how to beat Xeno'jiiva solo with Hammer.

Hello Hunters!

Recently I beat Xeno'jiiva with hammer during a solo run and I really wasn't expecting to get a win.

Some people wanted to know what build did I use to beat this boss so I am going to explain this the best way I can.

First of all you need to make sure you have the most important things: Clearmind charm, Temporal Mantle aka The Ultra Instinct Mantle and of course, your hammer.

Most of you probably already own these items but I just wanted to make sure because they are really crucial items and play a very important role in this build. The fire res mantle really isn't good enough because you need to be dealing damage all the time before the timer runs out and the Clearmind charm will allow you to do that. As for the second mantle, Rocksteady is a good option. If you find other mantles more suitable to your playstyle, then go for it.

The Styx hammer is the weapon I used to beat AT Xeno, but I think a Poison hammer can do the job just fine. After all, a single poison proc can deliver about 900 damage before the effect runs out. Seems pretty good. But personally, I think that you really need to know AT Xeno's attacks and ways to avoid them in order to beat him. Most monsters in the game can be beaten even without knowing their moves, but this case is different. Everything this boss does will hit you hard and you need to know what is coming you way.

Palico Gadget: Coral Orchestra. If you haven't unlocked it yet, do it. The buffs might be random, but the ones that are good, really makes it up for everything. A potential second choice is The Vigor Wasp.

If you Die during your run, don't worry. Go back to your tent and fully restock with potions and buff your self before entering the battle again. Xeno can be at your face as soon as you land.


For decos/armor you want to be taking tremor resistence level 3. It's fundamental and will give you more shots at dealing damage.

Take as much attack, critical boosts and weakness exploit skills that you can. Make every hit count! I only had 1 weakness exploit and 3 attack boosts in my build when I beat AT Xeno because I was trying out KO Decos. I regret it and my run would have been way more easier if I did take level 3 Weakness Exploit. It really felt like I was doing minimal damage.

After that, defense boost, dragon res, vitality etc your name it. YOu really have to treat Xeno's attacks like they one shot you everytime you get hit. Don't rely on your defense. If you want to take Jumping decos/stamina decos, go for it. They will give you a higher chance of escaping a death blow.

You also want to stay out of the meta slave path and believe in yourself and your weapon.

For attacks, you should avoid using the big bang attack at all costs. Charge you hammer and go for the spin2win. Make you sure you end your spin and hit the golf swing (Y/triangle) because it will do massive damage. You don't need to spin for the whole duration. End your spin if you feel like Xeno is about to do an attack that might hit you.

If you think Xeno isn't going anywhere, then go for the fully charged power swing. It's a very high damage attack and is pretty safe to use.

Other than that, try 2 times charged uppercut swing whenever you think there's a slight opening. I find this attack to be very useful when you are near Xeno's tail. That's a free minimal 100 damage that you deal with a successful hit to any weak point.

I will always be open for questions!

Yours Sincerely,

Hammer Bro

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