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Element (crit) on Longsword is confirmed not worth it

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TLDR: The longsword simply relies too much on raw due to the nature of the spirit levels and red Spirit Helm Breaker. The only reason to use an elemental crit longsword would be if it was simply an added bonus of an armor set or if much of the hunt is spent at lower spirit levels. Although the LS can hit somewhat fast, there exists no weapon or armor set that can currently outmatch a high raw LS.

I was doing some tests with longsword to see if I could theorycraft a hidden gem. I got to thinking that maybe LS with somewhat fast attacks and a 7-hit Spirit Helm Breaker could potentially be used as an elemental weapon.

I ended up testing the Taroth Sword "Water" with hidden water and built a set mostly for crit and crit element. The end results were:

With the rathalos mastery I was doing 98X7. Not bad.

Without the rathalos mastery I was doing 96X7. A whopping 2 damage per hit for rathalos mastery.


I was wondering why there was such a small gain from the crit element skill. Surely 2 damage is not what it actually adds. I checked the math and to my knowledge the 520 water translates to about 15 damage. A crit of 15 damage is somewhere around 3-4 damage so gaining 2 damage from a crit is not too far fetched although pretty low. Having also played the bow, I went and tested the legia fletcher and it was gaining 6 from crit element. I know the weapons have different elemental crit modifiers but surely it was not that huge.

It was.

Just to have a comparison my Jho LS does 129 with drugs, seed, and powder. Longsword just benefits too much from raw. It gains a 20% raw atk boost from red gauge and another 30% raw atk boost from foresight slash, both not being applied to elemental damage.

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