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Empress Styx Greatsword with Luna (b) surprisingly very effective

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So I recently tested a build on Nergi with the Empress Styx Greatsword and Luna (b) 4 piece set, and surprisingly, had my best Nergi solo run (I have all the non-Tarroth top swords, with full augments). I suspect it is because I was white sharpness the entire fight, despite not having one point in Handicraft, which I thought was amazing. The build:

GS: Empress Galea Styx

Head: Empress Crown (b)

BP: Empress Mail (b)

Bracers: Empress Vambraces (b)

Waist: Nergi Coil (b)

Greaves: Empress Greaves

Charm: Earplugs Charm III

The decos:

Earplug x2 Sharp Tenderizer x2 Attack x2 Critical x3 Flawless Vitality

The Skills:

Earplugs 5: I'm not a huge fan of Earplugs, however, I do love earplugs for GS as it allows me to finish the TCS despite what the monster is doing. Earplugs great for Nergi, and I managed to knock him into tomorrow on a combo when he was about to dive bomb.

Attack Boost 4

Health Boost 3 (more experienced players can drop the vitality gem for expert or something else).

Critical Boost 3

Peak Performance 3

Weakness Exploit 2

Evade Extender 2

Wide Range 2

Protective Polish

Razor Sharp (Styx bonus skill – Halves sharpness loss)

Lunastra Favor (2) (Increase stamina cap)

Lunastra Favor (4); Prevents attacks from being deflected


This is obviously not a meta DPS speed run build (I'm not a GS main), but it suits my style very well. I tend to sheath/roll to move a lot to get into position, so Evade Extender 2 works well, and Health Boost is a nice hedge when making risking sheathes.

The white sharpness is insane. Most fights you'll never hit blue sharpness. Just nice, consistent, high damage, and with earplugs you will finish great combos. Pre-food and buffs I'm at 950 attack, 15% affinity and 330 blast. I typically roll with well done steak, demon/armor pots before I head out. In training room able to get 200 damage hits with 600 final hit on TCS. Basically have this capability to put up these numbers the entire fight because of the white sharpness, with nor real risk of injury with health 3 (2 from luna), Earplugs 5 and evade extender 2 (from luna). Again, just a little surprised by the results as the affinity is quite average and not near the ideal of 100%.

The build only works if you have the gems to support, i.e., if you are forced to put level 1 gems into tier 2 and tier 3 slots Luna (b) isn't really the ideal set.

EDIT: Since posting I've been running this on tempered Nergi and SOS. You probably don't need protective polish, and can replace with a damage jewel of your choice (e.g., tenderizer to get to WE 3).

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