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End-game sample sets… In-Depth.

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Here are some end-game sets I've managed to create in my passing time during the Summer Festival. I understand that they can be further optimized in general and also with the newer armor pieces like the gamma Vaal Hazak arms with Dragon Attack +3 and it's pimpin slots and etc but these are the only screenshots I have on-hand for now and are not noted to be "best builds" but just ideas and sample builds so don't kill me… :3 Take it all with a grain of salt plz… Salt is good. I'll try to explain as best I can for the incoming PC and general Monster Hunter (MH) freshman so don't mind the repetitiveness of some of the skill explanations if you are of the more experienced (MH) crowd. In addition, the lighting isn't the best for some of the screenshots since it was night-time and I didn't notice the lantern until it came time for the GL screenshot so apologies for that. I may also use terms such as phials and TCS which you may or may not understand but will probably come to do so in time when you begin playing Monster Hunter World (MHW). These terms are also always just a quick Youtube or Google away as well.

"DJGL-Critter" featuring the Insatiable (Deviljho) Gunlance

I tried this for fun and it became my brain-dead melee only gunlance build for when I just need some elder material. With the big right-to-left swing after you Triangle+O and Triangle I'm literally hitting for like 250+ on Nergigante with similar numbers on other elders. This build when fully utilized can sub 7 minute "most" elders with ease. I get a consistent 4-5 min Nergigante with a Sub 4 every now and then. The fortify is there because I tend to just melee and rely on the health augment-life leech effect for healing since it IS my brain-dead build, with each noob-out death comes even more power… I gem in 3 Maximum Might jewels-all obtained from scum-saving <- look it up if you're curious what that is. Maximum Might Lv3 nets you a positive 30% affinity when your stamina is fully charged which results in a positive 10% affinity after pairing against the Deviljho Gunlance's base affinity of -20% after an Affinity Increase augment. That 10% affinity is then further increased by 50% affinity when hitting monster weak spots via the skill Weakness Exploit Lv3-provided naturally from wearing Kaiser Vambraces B + Lv1 and Dragonking Eyepatch B + Lv2. All in all you end up with 60% affinity when hitting the right areas, which you should be targeting anyway, and then on top of those critical hits you have Critical Boost Lv3 (Kulve Taroth's chest piece gives you Lv2 and then the final + Lv1 will have to come from a Critical Boost Lv2 gem) further increasing your critical hit damage by 40%. Tool Specialist and Stun Resistance are gemmed in for completion just because I like the visual aspect of maxing skills but you can obviously gem whatever you like with the three free lv1 gem slots after you fulfill the main affinity skills mentioned above. The Deviljho gunlance is my weapon of choice for the according set which synergizes well with elder farming since it does include high elderseal as well as high raw damage value and the ability to reach white sharpness with Handicraft Lv5-Handicraft Charm lll + Lv3 and Death Stench Heel B + Lv2. Tool specialist decreases the cooldown timer on your special items aka mantles and boosters. For those of you not familiar with melee gunlance, it is essentially just utilization of the gunlance's non-poking melee moves-mainly the Triangle+O, Triangle, Triangle combo.

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"Hundo-Crit GS" featuring the Wyvern Ignition "Impact"


This is my main set for whenever I decide to run the almighty Greatsword. This build is pretty steep in decoration requirements but with the heavy payout you reach a "conditional" 100% affinity when your stamina is full and you are correctly targeting monster weak spots. This set is well-suited for every mission and comes with a few utility skills on the side. 6 Expert Jewels are required for this build which increases your "unconditional" base affinity by 25% which sets you to 20% affinity after an Affinity Increase augment to the Wyvern Ignition. The 20% affinity you have is then pushed to 50% by Maximum Might Lv3 which provides an additional 30% affinity when your stamina is fully charged hence the term "conditional". Your affinity is then further taken to 100% with Weakness Exploit giving you an addition 50% chance of "critting" when you hit weak spots on a monster. I routinely hit for 900+ on "True Charge Slashes" <- the final swing of the entire triangle Greatsword combo. Flinch Free is gemmed in for the sake of tripping up when everyone fashionably gathers near the head or weak spots on knockdowns. The Greatsword is slow and powerful so a flinch from someone attacking near before you begin your combo could potentially and on rare occasion COST YOU YOUR ENTIRE COMBO TIMING FOR YOUR TCS… *cries in the corner with tears of hatred for DB, Longsword, and Insect Glaive users and tears of sadness for missed TCSs* Peak Performance Lv1 (provides +5 attack) is a byproduct of the Vaal Hazak Braces B which provides 3 Lv1 slots for the maximizing the input of Expert Jewels. Non-Elemental Boost is a Lv2 decoration which is gemmed in because the Wyvern Ignition is purely non-elemental in its "unawakened" state. Health Boost Lv2 further increases your maximum HP and Tool Specialist Lv2 decreases the cooldown timer on your special tools aka mantles and boosters. This is my go-to build for Kulve when he reaches the last stage since you can draw-chop his head to knock him down pretty easily in the window after his ram-attacks when he's running everywhere.

"CBCBCB" featuring the Taroth Strongarm "Horn" aka the KT Version of the Diablos Charge Blade

This is my favorite build for my favorite weapon. I pretty much beat the entire game with this build and its my go-to build in general when I just want to chill out and farm for the ever-fleeting crown trophies and the ever mystical platinum status on MHW. The Horn/Diablos Charge Blade is my weapon of choice for it having the highest raw attack damage value, defense bonus +25, impact phial capability, and for it synergizing with one of the best attack damage value boosting skills in the game, previously mentioned in the build above, Non-elemental Boost which is a Lv2 decoration that is gemmed in. Handicraft Lv5 takes both the Horn and Diablos Charge Blades to white level sharpness which increases the damage output of your attacks but does not affect your phial damage-Handicraft Lv2 is provided by the Death Stench Heels B and the other 3 levels are provided by the Handicraft Charm lll. At this point the rest of the build will be pretty heavy in terms of phrases you may or may not understand or recognize. It may seem intimidating at first but the Charge Blade is well worth the time investment in learning… Anyway back to the build… Capacity Boost is a Lv2 decoration that is gemmed in, it increases the number of phials your Charge Blade can hold by 1 phial-increasing the time your sword and shield stay charged and also increasing the output of your SAED/AED damage by 1 additional phial output. Artilery Lv3 then increases the damage output of those SAED/AED impact phials by 30% which is tremendous in terms of total damage output by the Charge Blade. Attack Boost Lv4-requires 2 Lv1 Attack decorations to be gemmed into the set in addition to the Attack Boost Lv2 provided by the Nergigante Coil B, provides 12 raw attack damage and comes with a bonus of +5% affinity at Lv4 which is always helpful. One of the few weaknesses of the Horn/Diablos Charge Blade is it's lack of affinity which comes in at a base of -30% which can make a big difference when it comes to the SAED/AED axe swings because they deal a large percentage of the actual SAED/AED combo. This weakness however is solved with an Affinity Increase augment (+10 affinity), Weakness Exploit Lv3, and Attack Boost Lv4 which nets you all in all a "conditional" +65% affinity resulting in a "conditional" 35% affinity after all affinity boosts are paired against the -30% base affinity. I spam this build for everything imaginable since impact phial damage completely ignores armor and especially ever since the change by Capcom with MHW's release to have your shield maintain it's charge after you release a SAED.


Side note; Surprisingly, I read a lot about how people don't see the value of having positive affinity when it comes to using the Horn/Diablos Charge Blade. The total damage of all subsequent swings in one SAED can reach upwards of 400+ damage in the right conditions, there isn't any real argument against attaining positive affinity when it comes to this CB. I believe it is essential. Especially after the previous nerfs to AD scaling in regards to impact phial damage.

If anything confuses you after a google or something just hit up the comments and I'm sure other hunters can help you out if I don't have an answer for you. Good luck hunting! This game is life…

*Edits are for further addition/correction of information along with clarifications

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