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I haven't been on here in a while, but I felt the need to speak out about this. Let me make something clear – this isn't complaining about free dlc. Fans like myself would've paid for it if need be – because we are invested in the future of our favorite series. Likewise, this is not a blanket statement that the monhun team is bad – we have been invested in the works of these talented artists for years. There has been good and bad. Therefore, it is in the interest of monster hunter as a whole that I say what I have to say.

I had to solo ala before saying this so it took me a few after work nights to get to this point. I needed people to understand that I understand the flow of the fight, and that I'm not just whining because I can't beat it. Escaton Judgement is not fun in any sense of the word. I struggle to believe a single person could genuinely like it. Maybe, tolerate it – but that's it.

There is no need for me to beat the dead horse of why it is not fun. I will say that every single other aspect of the alatreon fight is wonderful. For me that has been a constant theme of the iceborne update. Amazing, heartfelt content bogged down by weird, unneeded inconveniences and obstacles. I say this in the interest of the series and the community –

Dev team – please stop adding these strange unfun mechanics to content you clearly worked hard on. Please stop doing things that make people not want to play this game filled with the art and sweat of your staff.

It has been known for a while to users on this board that I'm not the biggest fan of world. However I actually do enjoy a lot of what iceborne has had to offer. I can see all the good in this game. It very much still bears the charm of the series. Again, every other aspect of alatreon exceeded any sort of expectation I could've had. I really just want this game not to forget to be fun. There is too much good here. I know extreme mechanics and meta building is what the gaming community is into these days – which is fine. Just don't make casual players feel locked out of your content. Don't make the after work wind down players like myself question if its even worth out time.


I don't want this message to sound negative, I've shat on world enough in the past as it is. I really just want the best for a game that has been more than just an ordinary game for me for over a decade. It made me new friends. It comforted me in hard times. It made me laugh my ass off. It left me sweating on the edge of my seat as the seconds counted down.

Let me say it one more time, I only want good for this game.

…even world. There, I said it. I could make a whole list of stuff I love about world. The game has done some truly dumb stuff over time but I really do love it too. No part me has ever really looked at world and thought ''the series is doomed''. I'll suck it up and admit it.

That's why stuff like escaton judgement has to stop. Keep the clutch claw even I don't care – but no more ecliptic meteor, no more luna nova, and no more EJ. They just aren't fun. Some people have said they find them easy live with, but unless I'm completely out of the loop – virtually no one finds them to be a fun challenge. We gotta cut off the stress factor somewhere.

This game is overall amazing, I don't see that changing. However these mechanics overshadow the amazing stuff from time to time.

Love you all, happy hunting.

Also to one particular user. Hey reshkrom – I've been an ass. If you end up reading this I'm sorry. If we're gonna get anywhere as a community we all need to listen to eachother and be mature in discussion. I failed to do that. I hope you can forgive me. It was more complex than just me being mad about the game, some life struggles played into my rudeness. Its not an excuse, just explanation. I was an ass and don't want to burn bridges anymore. I want to try and see all sides of the community

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