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Ethics in monster hunts

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Seeing as this seems to be eternally a contentious issue in the comments sections of multiple threads, I feel like I should bring this to the fore and have it out properly.

Hunter positions:

Head: bludgeonable for stuns. Often breakable, usually a critical point.

on reserve for hammerbros and the occasional hunting horn user at all times.

Tail: usually cuttable. Often mobile and high and sometimes a pain in the ass. (Cough, kushala, cough)

reach weapons like longsword and switch axe for smaller monsters primarily should focus here. It's not always the best dps, but the utility and carve from a cut tail outweighs the drawbacks. People may not credit you when you get the tail ofd, but I will personally ridicule you with emotes and memes if you fail

(Yes, I am a LS main. Yes, I do occasionally meme myself)

Feet often the safest place on a monster, always accessible and mostly protected. Focused damage can trip monsters for free spanking time.

often reserved for weapons with poor reach, long combos and windups, or just generally a fallback spot. S&S and CB probably hang out here frequently. Dual blades, if you are anywhere but here while the monster is upright, you are probably annoying somebody


Wings & Back often breakable for increased rewards, some good flinches to be had and in some cases can limit attack availabilities.

this coveted spot is on reserve for whoever can hit it. Ambitious LS users, greatswords, gun/lances, hbg, bow, oh and of course the co*kroach toothpick. tm

Literally anywhere else

light bowguns should be found here. Like, wtf are you even good for?

Now that we got the very basics out of the way, forget everything you just read because if you need some random dude on the internet to teach you about respecting fellow players, you're not likely the type to actually learn it from some random dude on the internet, and if you don't need it, then this was just regurgitating what you probably already figured out and just dakkadakkadakka on that boss until the quest timer ticks over.

Also I don't know what I'm talking about.

Oh, but if you cart, you'd better have something witty as your death quote, or the ridicules are coming out again.

TLDR: (But seriously though, I ls a lot. I cut tails, that's my do, but once it's done, what do now? There's only so much monster to spank)

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