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Every monster confirmed, soft confirmed and likely in MH Rise so far

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Every monster confirmed, soft confirmed and likely in MH Rise so far

Confirmed Monsters:

-Great Izuchi






-Goss Harag

– Yatsukadaki (fire spider from the first trailer)

– Another new monster, from the SA gear in the demo



-Great Wroggi

-Great Baggi






-Royal Ludroth



-Basarios, from the HH gear in the demo





-Nargacuga : was teased by official Twitter account, was extremely likely anyways

Soft confirmed monsters:

-Zinogre: from the gear used by the Master in the demo and 3rd trailer, was extremely likely anyways

-Gravios: Basarios is in the game, Gravios is pretty much confirmed.

-Great Jaggi: Great Wroggi and Great Baggi are already in, and Jaggi is one of the most beloved monsters of the franchise. Extremely likely.

-Volvidon: same as Great Jaggi. One of the loading screen tips also tells us the Stench status is back.

-A Final Boss, for obvious reasons.

Likely to be in :

-Nerscylla: Yatsukadaki confirmed to us that the Spider Skeleton is working for this game, and i don't think capcom would make the skeleton work for only one monster.

-Tetsucabra: baby Tetsucabra in the Gathering Hub.

-Diablos: do i really need to explain why?

-World's EDs: Teo, Kush, Kirin and maybe Luna are all monsters that could be added very easely to Rise. Kirin and Teo are also quite popular and therefore would make good hype bosters for the game, making them more likely. I'd still say they might want to keep Nerg and Velk World exclusives for a bit longer, and i don't see Namielle and Vaal returning since they don't have any area to fit in.

-Pretty much any monster that was in World could be easely ported to Rise and therefore is likely, tho they might want to keep some World exlusives for longer. I'd say Barroth, Legiana, Lavasioth and Uragaan are all pretty safe assumptions. Probably a few of the Flagships featured in IB aswell.

-Giginox: we know the Psedowyvern seleton is working for this game, and the community has been asking for Giginox a lot. Seems decently likely to be in IMO, but could be for Rise Ultimate as well.

-Lagiacrus: the Leviathan skeleton is working, and Lagiacrus is one of the monsters that the commnity loves the most (therefore a good hype booster). Might be for rise Ultimate only tho.

-Buldorme and Great Jagras: both have their smaller versions in the game, but the lack of mention of them in the Hunter's Notes (Jagras entry does not mention Great Jagras in Rise, while it did in World) is a bit worrying. They also aren't extremely popular in the community.

-Amatsu: would perfectly fit into the game, and one of the monsters the community loves the most. Could very well be a DLC though.


-Alatreon and/or Fatalis: easy to port from World, and quite liked in the community. i definitely think they'll only appear in DLCs or for Rise Ultimate tho.

Confirmed thanks to leaks and/or demo datamining, Spoilers!








-There is data on the Demo for Carapaceons, but we don't know wich one(s). Could be Hermitaur, Cenataur or maybe even Shen Gaoren.

– Dorotabo :"Weasel" from the old leaks, give the SA gear from the Demo.

– Final Boss, important story spoilers: Two giant snakes, the blue Wind serpent Ibushi and the Thunder Serpent Narwa/Naruratahime. Ibushi causes the Rampage and kidnaps Hinoa somewhere in the story. You fight him first, repell him before NArwa helps him escape, then both fuse(?) and fight you as the true final boss.

-"Nushi" Variants for monsters. We know they are tied to the Rampaga, where they act as "Bosses" of some sort. I heard you can also fight them normally in some end-game quests, but don't quote me on that. The only one we know so far is Nushi Arzuros.

-DLC 1 monster: Chameleos

Soft confirmed thanks to leaks:

-Zamtrios: Zamite were found in the demo files.

-Agnaktor: Uroktors were found in the demo files.

-Great Jaggi: Jaggi were found in the demo files.

-Akantor and Ukanlos: their shortened names were found in some leftover dialogue files in the demo.

– Jhen Mohran: three files were found in the demo: one is named "Jhen_Ship", one is named "Jhen_Rock" and the last one was a dialogue file telling the player to "use the gong offensively". previous leaks also confirmed Delex.

Soft deconfirmed thanks to leaks:

Gore Magala: the same file containning data for Carapaceons containned Data for every monster class in the game. No mention of the "???" class. Sorry Gore Fans, may Capcom actually give you what you deserve in Rise Ultimate or MH6.

Please let me know if i missed anything.

Also Please use Spoiler tags when discussing Leaked info. Some people don't want to get spoiled.

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