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Excessive Hunting Horn analysis following yesterdays new footage

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Excessive Hunting Horn analysis following yesterdays new footage

So I sat down for ~hours to analyze the Horn Trailer(s) we got & cross-check to try and figure moveset/systems out. More questions than answers, honestly. But here's the whole shpeal, for TLDR's just read the Takeaways and Moveset sections, potentially Confusions section. This is obviously pre-demo but horn is too important to wait for more information >:D


  • 'Note Buff Effect': circular note lines, indicative of a buff from Horn
  • 'X': Nintendo Switch X-Button press
  • 'A': Nintendo Switch A-Button press
  • 'X+A': Nintendo Switch Buttons X+A pressed
  • 'R': Nintendo Switch Right Bumper/Trigger press
  • '?': Unknown button, assumedly one of the above 4 however does not match existing horn combos/moves

Base Horn Timeline:>

  • 'X' swing left: Blue Note + 'Note Buff Effect', assumedly from previous Blue Note; Applies to teammates
  • 'A' swing right: Red Note
  • '?' backslam (turnaround): Red Note + 'Note Buff Effect' – assumed 'A2'?; Applies to teammates
  • '?' hilt-stab->overheadswing: Blue Note – assumed 'X' followup after 'A2'?
  • '?' knee-up: Red Note – assumed 'A' followup after 'A2->X', hunter resets afterwards.

End Combo

  • 'X' swing left: Blue Note

End Combo


  • 1. Two of same color notes applies 'Note Buff Effect' but does not require recital. Effects unknown. Applies to all hunters nearby (Assumedly distance limited). Red-Blue-Red does not provide a 'Note Buff Effect', thus its 2x in a row for sure.
  • 2. Either moves have been adjusted to different buttons/portions of combo or other system changes, such as playing any note after activating 'X+A' moves?
  • 3. Unclear note count; only Blue/Red shown. If hypothesis of backslam (turnaround) being 'A2' is true (Also 'Back+A' viable, similarly hilt-stab->overheadswing being 'Back+X' as the hilt-stab is 'Back+X' in World/Iceborne), nothing abnormal. If however 'X+A', could Horn be Red/Red/Blue..? Or perhaps 'X+A' is a wild-card thing where you can pick any of the 3 notes?
  • 4. We have at least a few things to cross-check between the Basarios Timeline & the Base Horn Timeline, which gives us at least some info on the moves and mechanics. Or it should. Maybe.

Basarios Timeline:


  • 'X' falling unsheathe swing: Blue Note, assumedly like change to draw attack can play any note? Irrelevant due to no ability to cross-check, but noted. Even if not choice to play any note, 'X' does line up with Blue Note.
  • 'R' pseudo-brave recital: 'Note Buff Effect', assumedly blue note prior 'ended' a recital song, but wasn't Blue+Blue (as that would have played a 'Note Buff Effect' right after the Blue Note occured)

End Combo

  • '?' hilt-stab->overheadswing OR 'Forward+X' draw-forward slam: Clip started after note would've occured so unknown note, based on Base Horn Timeline assumedly Blue Note, likely 'X2' or 'Back+X'?
  • 'R' pseudo-brave recital: 'Note Buff Effect', unknown notes prior entirely
  • '?' echo wave spin: RED/ORANGE 'Note Buff Effect', effect unknown

End Combo

  • 'X' swing left: Clip started after note would've occured so unknown note
  • '?' hilt-stab->overheadswing: Blue Note + 'Note Buff Effect', assumedly indicating 'X' swing left was Blue Note; confirming indeed lines up with Base Horn Timeline
  • '?' knee-up: Hard to see note; either No Note OR Red Note, very minor red tints slightly visible, but after Fire Element effect making it not clear. Not conclusive, unfortunately – if visibly Red Note, likely confirms 'A' following * * 'X2'/'Back+X', if not, raises questions about being able to act without playing note?
  • '?' behind-back spin-around double-swing: Green Note, potentially 2 notes like old double swing? Not visible; First Green note visible, assumedly 'X+A', 'X+A2', potentially 'Forward+X+A'?
  • '?' adept/invigoration breakdance recital: 'Note Buff Effect', assumedly Blue+Red+Green, Blue+>+Green, Red+Green+>, or any of those but with > or Blue appended to front (ex: >+Blue+Blue+Green or Blue+Red+Green+Green). Since 2 notes are not clear no matter what route you go, nothing confirmed.

End Combo

  • '?' slide beat: 'Note Buff Effect', no knowledge of notes played prior, confirmed Recital Silkbind move, very interesting functionality.

End Combo

  • 'X+A' backslam (not turnaround): Green Note, 'Note Buff Effect', assumedly Green+Green as not recital. Hints further at behind-back spin-around double-swing being 'Forward+X+A' or 'X+A2'. Since the animation is not the same to the (turnaround) version nor is the note, it's either two versions of the same move & 'X+A' function as Wild-Card, or the much more likely two distinct moves. Very odd seeing the 'X+A' Backslam not turn you around while the likely mid-combo 'A2' turns the hunter around; seems contradictory, you would want to retain orientation mid-combo and adjust orientation to start a combo, but that's the opposite of what it appears to be.
  • '?' slide beat: 'Note Buff Effect', since beyond a single Green note, notes as a whole unclear; however, if we assume Green+Green was the last 2 notes played, at least 1 other note was played prior. Regardless of that, though, this indicates 'Note Buff Effects' without recitals do not remove the song from a 'list' for recitals/slide beat. Does not confirm if Recitals need all 3 unique notes (See below translations of websites), unique combinations of notes (A-la Pre-Rise systems), 4 notes in list, song storage, etc. Unfortunate.
  • '?' echo wave spin: RED/ORANGE 'Note Buff Effect', effect unknown

End Combo

  • '?' Earthshaker: Noteless & Recital-less

End Combo ~0:56 now, nothing useful in following snapshots.



  • 1. 3 notes displayed, following past titles 3 notes per horn. Not confirmed but likely.
  • 2. Recital-less 'Note Buff Effects' do note wipe a note from 'list', allowing Recitals to be used following. However what the Recitals 'Note Buff Effects' do differently from Recital-less 'Note Buff Effects' is unclear. Echo Wave 'Note Buff Effects' are distinctly colored, uniquely.
  • 3. Echo Wave has a distinct 'Note Buff Effect' from Recitals/Recital-Less 'Note Buff Effects'. Function unknown but uniquely distinct coloring.
  • 4. Enough moves to cross-check but still brings up oddities. Cannot confirm move placements or functions, or 100% tie to notes (Specifically 'X+A' moves).

MHRise Website Horn Description:

"A blunt weapon that allows you to buff your hunting party by performing melodies. Gather notes of a single color for a steady boost or combine 3 to gain all effects."

""Either accumulate notes of the same color as you attack for a steady boost. Align notes of 3 different colors and perform a recital to obtain all boosts at once." – Credit to u/DukeLukewarm (found after scrounging around)


  • 1. Translations are unclear, trying not to read into either of them. Only distinct difference is Recital for all boosts in the Japanese translation vs the English which doesn't mention Recitals.
  • 2. Both Timelines indicate that aligning same-color notes 2x provides a 'Note Buff Effect', which matches both translations.
  • 3. However, we also saw Slide Beat provide a Recital 'Note Buff Effect' after 2x Green, which does add confusion. Indicates Recital-less 'Note Buff Effects' don't remove from the list, thus we can assume Red and/or blue was played at some point prior? And order is not relevant? Example being >+>+Green+Green, where >'s are assumedly Red & Blue respectively – reciting after all provides all buffs? Does Green get more buffs because 2x green? Perhaps the "All boosts at once" & "combine 3 to gain all effects" sections are incorrect and horns have unique combinations for distinct buffs?

Overall Confusions

  • 1. 'X+A' Backslam shown in Basarios Timeline to be Green Note, while '?' Backslam (turnaround) shown to be Red Note in Base Horn timeline. Different moves likely, unless Basarios horn has 2 colors of notes only, OR 'X+A' moves can act as wild-card notes?
  • 2. Effect of Recital-less 'Note Buff Effects' unclear, assuming 3 notes, 3 different buffs. Applies to teammates too. Effects short? Effects stacking? If so 'easy' to obtain, and doesn't erase from Recital 'Note Buff Effects', something must be up – whether short durations, stacking effects or being simple buffs in contrast to Recital 'Note Buff Effects' being more complex?
  • 3. Green Notes typically involve healing, so in the Basarios Timeline where Green+Green is played, no healing particles occur, which is odd. Typically Red=Attack, Blue=Defense, Green=Healing, White=SelfImprov, Purple=SelfImprov, Light Blue=Status/Resistances, Yellow=Status/Resistances (but different). Systems obviously can and do change, so not trying to read into anything, simply odd?
  • 4. Systems around Recitals remain unclear, primarily because Recital-less 'Note Buff Effects' are unclear & both English/JP sites indicate Recitals providing the same buffs as Recital-Less, just all at once? Basically, if you did (for example) 'X' for Blue, 'A' for Red, 'X+A' for Green, you would recieve no buffs until a Recital is done; wheras doing 'A' for Red, 'A2' for Red provides an immediate buff. If buffs are so 'easy' to reach either all at once or seperately, something must be up as uptime should be 100%?

Moveset in total as we know it

  • : 'X' for left swing, 'Forward+X'/'X2' for draw swing; both returning moves, though function and mapping may be different – prior 'X' combo was 'X->X2->X->X2' or 'Forward+X->X->X2', assuming that's in place is fair but could not be true. 'Back+X'/'X3?/'X after A2'' for hilt-stab->overheadswing; new move, unclear place in combo, though the hilt-stab is old, only 1 note is played in all instances seen & all instances feature the overheadswing, making it likely 1 whole move. 'X in Air' for falling unsheathe swing; returning move, unclear if unsheathe-exclusive albeit unlikely (unsheathe swing can play any note now, so it's not concrete either here).
  • : 'A' for right swing, 'A2'/'Back+X' for backslam (turnaround); unclear if identical to 'X+A' backslam with 'X+A' moves being wild-card, but most likely distinct & simply a new move. '?'/'A after X' knee-up; returning move with new function, used to be forward recital, now simply a move that plays a note.
  • : 'X+A' for backslam; returning, seems unchanged. 'Forward+X+A'/'X+A after knee up' behind-back spin-around double-swing; new move, distinct animation compared to old 'A2' double-swing.
  • : 'R' moves as a whole directionally unclear; pseudo-brave recital returns, adept/invigoration breakdance recital returns, slide beat silkbind move recital. Absence of other Recitals noted but expected.
  • : Since Encores appear to be gone, but the Echo Wave attack remains, there's potential for it to replace them in binding (or not?). Unsure as a whole there, but it's there! The sound-waves don't appear to apply element, I will note, but that's inconclusive still.

Yes, I know, this is excessive. Demo's coming, why bother analzying? The answer: Sometimes a dooters gotta doot, and needs the deets of the doots so that one may doot without dooterioration mentally, right before the Demo releases which concretely confirms every aspect of a dooters deets about dooting, thus making the dootailed analysis of the dooting dootvices completely dootnecessary. Doot stop me now.

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