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Extreme Behemoth – What I Learned

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I spent 15 hours with Extreme Behemoth (almost to the minute) before I finally beat him. I started playing it the moment it came out at 5pm, 15 hours later there was finally victory (save your judgement LOL). Most of that time was spent playing with “randoms”, and I was finally successful with “randoms”. So I thought I’d share some thoughts and tips from my journey.

By no means am I an expert player, I’m just your average player, I have a couple of friends I play with from time to time, but most of my time spent playing MHW is spent in the company of players I don’t know and never voice chat with. I don’t have a group of players I sit around with and figure out the best ways to kill things. If you’re looking for a post from experts try this post.

However, I do think that my perspective, the perspective of someone who plays with others, but plays alone (no parties) is valuable. Obviously there are a lot of others like me out there because y’all respond to my SOS, or you send out an SOS for me to join lol.

Ok, first, this fight isn’t for everyone. Already too many people are complaining about it. It’s easily the toughest match in the game. After I finished grinding the normal behemoth for the armor and the weapon (during the course which I said on multiple occasions “i can’t wait until this is over I’m never playing it again”) I found I was able enjoy the challenge and play him for fun now. If you don’t appreciate a challenge you won’t appreciate this.

I feel like this fight does an excellent job of requiring roles. As I see it those roles are tank, healer, and dps. My preference is 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 dps. But it’s good if at least one of your dps is running wide range to help heal as well.

So when you send out you’re SOS be smart about building your team. Just because they have a high HR doesn’t mean the comp will work out. If you don’t already know, because I’ve found many people with lots of experience who don’t, you can your join options to “manual accept” instead of “auto accept”, which means you can pick and choose who joins your sos.

You can also check their equipment before hand also. In order to do that you’ll have to open your player list (start menu, then press Y or triangle), those trying to join will be at the top of your list. Select their name then select “inspect equipment”. Check their armor levels, skills, etc. Make your choices wisely.

On the other, a lot of people make their judgement based on HR. So if you’re lacking in this department there are a couple things you can do to help yourself if someone is considering letting you join their party. Anyone who screens their sos applicants had a HR threshold I their head that’s just reality.

If they didn’t they wouldn’t screen their sos flares. When I am looking at allowing someone to join, especially when they are below my allowed threshold the first thing I look at is amor level. If you’re trying to join my quest with your spiffy Drachen armor you just got from normal behemoth and it’s all level 1, you’re going to promptly be rejected. Not showing the preparation to take on the hardest fight in the game with appropriate armor tells me I’d be wasting my time letting you join.

Next if you’re running a support build with wide range lvl 5 personally my threshold lowers a bit for those willing to play support, so in guessing most people will do similar. On that note, where the set you intend to play, and play what you’re best at so if someone is filtering they see what they will be playing with, not what you were playing with previously.

Ok on to the behemoth stuff. Ex behemoth immediately drops a comet. To the best I can tell this is dropped on the person who first aggravates him. If not always than more often than not. So make sure you’re in the place you want the comet to drop. I usually accomplished this by picking up the crystal burst and hitting him with it.

Probably not the most efficient first move, but but I played too many matches where people would get the comet placed right in the center of the area and sure enough it would get destroyed.

Don’t flash. You can only flash him twice, stop spamming flash pods. Plus he casts the wind storm too fast to flash in most cases so leave it be. Save flashes for breaking enmity if needed. On the note of slinger ammo you can some times stop him from casting with crystal burst or dragon pods. Use those to try to stop wind instead.

There is a very fine line between playing safe and getting your comets destroyed. Be conscious of your positioning. Stop fighting him by comets. A lot of times with normal Behemoth you could rely on a certain number of comets, so losing one wasn’t a big deal. If you make it past area 1 you are getting 1 comet per ecliptic meteor so you have to protect it. I read someone getting 2 out of him in phase 2 once, but that isn’t something you should rely on.

If the comet is falling on you please PAY ATTENTION to where you are standing. At least twice I had someone allow the comet to fall right against a wall where there was no where for us to stand behind, thus ending the match before it was over. Another reason to stay away from the comet are the wind storms.

It won’t do you much good if you can’t reach your comet because a wind storm is on top of it. You can sheath and run much further than you probably think before ecliptic hits, so be smart with your positioning.

One of the things I was disappointed with with normal behemoth was the tanking mechanic. I found it too difficult for the weapons you’d want tanking to tank. I’m not the best with lance or gun lance, but constantly chasing that head was a futile effort for me. Plus I found it easier to just not have anyone tank in most of my runs.

With Ex Behemoth tanking is almost mandatory. I’m sure by now, if you played him, you’ve thought “wtf am I supposed to do with all that wind?”. Gain enmity. He doesn’t cast wind if he’s focused on someone. So make sure you have someone tanking him, and DON’T FLASH him out of it unless your group doesn’t want that person tanking. Also if you are trying to tank but having issues triggering it, watch for him to drop dragon pods.

Hitting him with dragon pods will get his attention, just keep shooting them until you do. I personally tanked him with an HBG with a shield and Guard up. Gaining his enmity is stupid easy if you walk up and blast him in the face with spread 3 while he’s casting the wind storm.

A few tips about tanking. First, remember you control where he goes. be conscious of where your comets are and move him away from them. You can also use this to move him under the rock drops in area 1, which is far easier than everyone running around like chickens with no head trying to bait him under the rocks and inevitably having someone drop a rock at the wrong time.

If you are tanking don’t kite. I made this mistake for a while. It’s natural to want to keep backing up, but unless it’s a strategical “I need to move him over here.” thing, all you are doing is making your team chase, plus it’s harder to keep track of where your comets are, and where the windstorms are.

More than once the knock back from blocking an attack hit me into a wind storm, so unless you want to experience what it’s like to be a ping pong ball, just stand your ground and let your dps do their jobs. If you aren’t tanking, dropping a health booster that your tank can stand in is massively beneficial, but you probably should run to where they are and try to drop it, all of the attack are hitting them, so you’re putting yourself in the damage zone. Instead try to drop it in a place where your tank can back up into it, this also saves your healer (which may be you) from going through as many potions.


Lastly, use temporal mantle not as defense, but as offense. While temporal is one attack and don’t stop attacking when you are tanking. His paw swipe won’t trigger the mantle, but everything else will, and you actually take less damage by attacking. Blocking does chip damage, as where the temporal mantle will avoid damage, so you want to be exposed while he’s attack to avoid the damage. I personally saved it for area 2, so that it would be recharged by area 4 and I could use it again there.

Bring farcasters. Use farcasters if needed. Remember if you are in a bad spot this is your escape. Either way you are heading back to camp and your team will have to manager without you for a bit, but with a farcaster at least you aren’t returning on a cart, losing your health, stamina, and food buffs. This can also save you if you get pinned against a wall with a wind storm.

Save your CC and Bombs for area 3. You can’t always control what weapons you’re teammates are using, but to the best of your ability avoid sleep and paralysis until phase 3, it’ll make it much easier. Also bring bombs, and bring 2 devils blight so you can craft those puny bomb things you’re thinking about putting down into large bombs. Also you can eat for Feline Pyro which will automatically turn your large bombs into mega bombs which saves you the devils blight and saves you from needing to craft. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about randoms messing up Sleep.

I have a message set up on my radial that informs everyone I’m sleeping them. Typically I’ll send it once before I sleep him, so they are aware it’s coming, and then I’ll spam it when the sleep has taken effect. This seems to work very well with “randoms”. I also have a message I use if I’m running with another gunner, which requests they don’t use sleep or para until area 3, I haven’t had anyone ignore it yet.

Also, if you are the only one running CC you can preload him. Some people call it CC chaining, some of you are aware of the tactic, but some of you are not. The HBG I run does both sleep and paralysis, and once we wake him up I’ll immediately paralyze him, and follow that by emptying my stickies into his head to get the KO. To do this I hit him with 3 para shots before I switch to sleep. That way it only takes one more para shot to paralyze him once I’m ready.

You can do the same with sleep as well. That way you can wait until the moment you feel is best in area 3 to sleep him instead of just shooting him until he falls down. Some times preloading can be used to save a teammate as well. You need to be conscious of what weapons your team is running as well because if someone is running a weapon with para element you may inadvertently trigger it early, or if he’s been paralyzed prior it’s going to take more shots to do it again.

Speaking of Phase 3 if you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already read on reddit that it’s a DPS race, but if you haven’t, now you know. If you don’t deal enough damage he drops an ecliptic meteor on your face with no comet to hide behind. If you deal enough damage he just moves on. By saving CC until this phase I was able to sleep him twice and paralyze him once in this area. Everyone needs to be aggressive here.

You can’t play this area like you may have played the others where you pick and choose the best spots to deal damage to him. Just deal damage. This is the area where he starts goring people like normal Behemoth, so bring astera jerky for the bleeding, and if you are running wide range you can cure a teammates bleeding by eating astera jerky before they even get up. It seemed like he just gores people this time around as where with normal Behemoth if you got gored it was because you were gaining enmity.

In Phase 4 enmity is very important as well. Again, gaining enmity stops wind storms. If he goes to the lava area, there’s already enough to dodge with all of the lava explosions. 8 wind storms to run through to get to the comet isn’t fun. If you haven’t read yet, you’ll get 3 ecliptic meteors in phase three, so as soon as one drops be ready to move, because he’s bringing the pain immediately to where everyone is standing after the meteor hits.

Don’t be a hero, be egoless. You may not be ready for this fight either due to armor, due to lack of experience, or due to skill, but there is tons of value to someone who runs wide range and just heals. So if you’re not quite ready for whatever reason, consider healing. When normal Behemoth came out I achieved most of my initial success by running around, dodging attacks and just healing people with occasional shots from my peashooter (read LBG).

This wasn’t because I wasn’t ready or good at dealing damage, it was because I saw the need for it, and no one else was doing it. I can tell you as a tank (or any player) nothing feels better than knowing if you make a mistake and miss a block that you’ll be at full health by the time you pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Despite the flack you’ll read about here on reddit about people who just stand in the back and heal, this can be valuable to your team, and can help you avoid being a liability.

I was running with a couple friends in the beginning in a Behemoth session, and someone kept trying to join despite my continued removal because the gear I was seeing wasn’t upgraded, and his HR didn’t meet my thresh hold, but then he messaged us and said he healed (which wasn’t the gear I was seeing – which goes back to my earlier paragraph about equipping what you intend to use), so we gave him a shot. We weren’t successful, but it wasn’t his fault and in fact we invited him to our party and attempted several runs with him.

Don’t be a hero, be sure. Mistakes happen, monsters move, but nothing is more aggravating than missing out on huge damage because someone wants to be the hero who drops the rocks. If you aren’t sure he’s under the rocks, don’t hit them (by the way this advice goes for Kulve runs as well).

Don’t be a hero. Nothing is more irritating than sleeping him, setting up the bombs, and then having someone who wants to be the hero run up and tap it with their SNS stick because they want to blow something up. If you are running with randoms let the gunner wake him up. Typically you want the highest damage attack to wake him up, but if you can’t communicate who has what ready, just let the wyverns fire or clusters happen, plus everyone hates waiting on that GS user who can’t measure the GS flip attack correctly (When I play GS I’m one of those btw LOL).

A final note from a gunners perspective. Don’t race in after a bombing wake up, there are probably clusters coming. As a gunner I try my hardest to not knock teammates with my clusters, however, it’s the best damage I’ve got, so when there is a good opportunity I’ve got to take it. A gunner who never has the chance to shoot off clusters might as well not be there, so in controlled moments like sleep bombing, and the moments after, let us get our clusters in, and then rush in and attack.

Hopefully some of this helps, especially if you’re trying to run Extreme Behemoth with “randoms”. Just remember that you’re playing with “randoms”, but your a “random” to them also.

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