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Seeing as I've just obtained the Official Complete Works book and it's full of interesting details about monsters, I thought I'd share some of the neater ones mentioned. You're also welcome to provide your own facts or ask for more about the monsters of World.

Great Jagras are entirely male and have stomach acid potent enough to dissolve their own stomach lining.

Kulu-Ya-Ku has a barbed tongue to stop egg yolk slipping out.

It is all but confirmed Pukei Pukei were forced from the treetops to the lower, denser regions of the forest by the arrival of Rathalos to the New World

Barroth in the New World do not fight each other during the Dry Season (sometimes even to the death) like they do in the Old World. Barroth also must groom their head by rubbing it against the ground and walls to keep their nostrils clear.

Jyuratodus spawn during the Rainy Season and it results in many offspring. However, only a small amount survive due to predation and cannibalism. Even better, young Jyuratodus enter through an orifice or open wound and eat their prey from the inside out. The barbs on a Jyuratodus's gills are remnants of the method used to prevent their expulsion from the body.

Tobi-Kadachi are so rarely seen on the forest floor and difficult to study that little is known about them. No feeding habits have been observed, no groups besides a solitary adult has been witnessed etc. From hunting-and-capturing missions, it's been hypothesised that they avoid using their claws to attack due to how necessary they are for climbing.

Anjanath is the only Brute Wyvern with feathers. It also appears pink because its skin is translucent, thus revealing its internal blood flow.

A Rathian in the Ancient Forest is the dominant mate to a Rathalos and have its help in guarding the nest. Any in the Wildspire Waste mated with the Rathalos, but could not compete and so raise their young alone.

Tzitzi-Ya-Ku collects shiny shells and places then in its nest. These shells can then reflect its flash, giving it a wider range. (As an aside, according to the developer commentary they didn't realise that by the time it reaches the nest its flaps would already be broken, preventing this effect from being seen by most.)

Paolumu is hypothesised to use its ears for echolocation in order to fly so easily through the tangled mess of the Coral Highlands.

Great Girros has a set of gills that allow it to filter effluvium, enabling it to survive in the more effluvium-heavy regions. These gills are also often targeted by competing males.

Radobaan lack any adaptations to deal with Effluvium, which is why they live in the upper reaches of the Vale. They're also apparently very gentle.

Legiana's scream is loud and high-pitched to travel great distances and announce itself to any potential invaders.

Odogaron is a "meat connoisseur". It consumes carrion that has been dried and aged in its nest as a sort of delicacy.

Rathalos considers anything it sees an invader and attacks ruthlessly. On the other side, the "invader" sees Rathalos and attempts to flee, often inciting the Rathalos to attack even more viciously.

Diablos can build up enough momentum from digging to jump over 10 metres in height and break a hole through solid rock.

Kirin is an Elder Dragon because of its ability to turn clear skies into a thunderstorm in a matter of seconds.

The Zorah Magdaros we followed in World not only exceeded all size estimates from individuals prior (by around 50 metres/164 feet) but is also the oldest known specimen.

Dodogama is unique from most monsters (excluding Nergigante) as the Elder's Recess is its natural habitat. It wasn't called there by Everstream energy.


A Pink Rathian's tail attack is so powerful with venom so potent that even a rampaging Bazelgeuse will retreat once hit. Like the regular breed (only not confirmed) it is assumed Pink Rathians found in the Wildspire Waste and Coral Highlands are the weaker mates of an Azure Rathalos, and it is possible that a dominant Pink Rathian lives in the Elder's Recess or they've intentionally left the Recess to find a safer place for the young.

Bazelgeuse is believed to have the ability to sense conflict, chooses to divebomb when the fighting organisms are at their weakest and was never sighted in the explored New World before Zorah Magdaros's crossing. It is also believed that their natural habitat is the Elder's Recess (hence why Seething is only found there – No Everstream issues means everything goes back to normal).

There is a debate over whether Lavasioth evolved from Jyuratodus in the New World and then migrated to the Old World or if Jyuratodus migrated to the Old World and evolved into Lavasioth.

Uragaan is…Uragaan. Its explosive rocks are technically a portable food supply? That's…something?

Azure Rathalos's harder shell is heat resistant and allows it to live in volcanic regions (This is reflected in the regular Rathalos not going to the actual volcanic regions in the Recess iirc). Its appearances in the Ancient Forest are also believed to be during Mating Season.

Diablos turn Black specifically from the start of a successful pregnancy all the way to brooding season. They are also powerful enough to fend off a Deviljho.

Nergigante is assumed to reproduce asexually through its spikes. When exposed to a potent source of energy they begin to create egg cells. Nergigante was also following Zorah Magdaros (and consumes Elder Dragons) for its vast reserves of energy. Now, if it was just hungry it could've eaten any other monster but it specifically chose to follow Zorah alone. This makes clear the true reason Nergigante was following Zorah Magdaros.

Teostra's nest in the Recess was created by it blowing apart a rocky crag with its powder. Naturally, constant explosions and rising heat on an unstable platform surrounded by lava doesn't make for the calmest area, which is what causes the mini eruptions when enraged.

Kushala's teeth are structured in such a way that its mouth functions like the barrel of a cannon when firing wind projectiles.

Vaal Hazak feeds by letting the Effluvium consume its flesh coat or surrounding carrion, and then in turn inhales the nutrient-filled bacteria. The Effluvium coating of Vaal Hazak actually also causes it to be less agile.

It is confirmed Xeno'Jiiva awoke at the moment of Zorah Magdaros's death. Also, according to Fujioka "Basically the only reason you can win this fight against the Emperor of Elders is because it was just born."

Deviljho's high metabolism and insatiable appetite gives it a short lifespan. Deviljho's habit of using other monsters as weapons is also (hilariously) caused by it seeing another potential meal and forgetting it has one already in its mouth.

It is only believed Kulve Taroth is female. Surveys haven't actually given any proof. What's more, they can't actually confirm the individual in the siege is the same one discovered by the Commission 40 years ago due to how far away the two sightings were.

Lunastra's flames burn hotter than Teostra's, as is expected (since blue fire is hotter than red fire). Interestingly enough, Lunastra's appearance in the New World (and even the increased aggression) is all connected to an urge to breed.

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