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Fairly successful EX Behemoth strategy

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Anti-EX-Behemoth MMO hunting team:

REQUIRES: one Support class with wide range 5.

EXTREMELY Recommended: one tank class with guard up + guard 3/5

Other classes: DPS (self explanatory) and pseudo support/dps ranged class (optional)

The Tank+Support duo are vital to keeping the team alive. Tank's job is to gain enmity as often as possible by attacking Behemoth's head while Support's job is to keep the tank, along with everyone else, at max hp as well as removing the defense down blight that comes with getting hit by meteor. It is vital that the tank gets enmity as soon as possible during each stage so that the dps, ranged, and support are not targeted by Behemoth and also so that Behemoth will not cast Charybdis. Support can not go cheap on the team. Mega Potion right away when someone gets hit. Also if you are hit, stay on the ground so that the support will have time to heal you.

-Phase 1- Sleep him under the boulders twice to completely skip this area. Place bombs and wyverblasts to detonate after landing the boulder onto him. Should do enough damage to force him to second comet -> ecliptic meteor. You can literally bring 4 sleep gunners in this area and switch out to your normal weapons after he leaves, but one sleeper should work. Note: Behemoth falls asleep to his left.

-Phase 2- When you enter the area, make sure to go to the sides in case Behemoth summons a Charybdis. Always try to lead Charybdis to the corners of the rooms. Our team's strat is to put on our temporal mantles, do a mount hold (remove mantles at this point to refresh timer), and do enough damage to finish behemoth off before he falls down. Try to go for a tail cut also around this time. If the mount hold is properly implemented then the team should be able to run to the comet or escape to another area/farcaster while Behemoth is on the ground toppled. If you don't have a mounter you can also do this room with the typical tank enmity hold strat. Get enmity as soon as possible and let allies deal tons of damage.

-Phase 3- This is a DPS check. If you do enough damage then Behemoth will simply go the fourth stage. It is vital that the tank gets enmity as soon as possible so that the rest of the team can do damage safely. Try to deploy a health booster under the person with enmity. Behemoth has a new ground punch -> shoulder slam attack that is very hard to predict. Keep your guard up and don't get hit.


-Phase 4- Final phase has a total of 3 ecliptic meteors. The mechanic is that once you do enough damage then Behemoth will summon a comet and then ecliptic meteor after some more fighting. This will happen three times. Try to stay alive and keep Charybdis to the corners while the tank attempts to gain enmity. Be careful of the new ground punch attack as he seems to like to spam this a lot in phase 4. Make sure you come in fully stocked on healsand crafting material as this fight could be very long with very few breaks. If the support ever needs to restock with a farcaster, make sure to play it safe while they are away.

  • Notes:

  • I run wide range 5 because behemoth only has a few 1HKO moves. Most of the time when an ally gets hit there will be ample time to heal them to max, especially with two or more people running wide range 5 use a mega potion. Prevent mid-fight carts so that you have a safety net for the ecliptics.

  • The timing for the Dragoon jump is right after you can see the full meteor. Keep an eye on the meteor and jump when you can see the top of it.

  • If you are the tank/have enmity, move away from the comets so that they are not destroyed. There is almost no leeway in the comets they give you. If a comet is destroyed, you're not going to be able to hide behind anything unless it's phase 1 where Behemoth summons 2 comets. On the same note move away from the Charibdys in the area.

  • It's a good idea to get a tail cut so that the spin attack is shorter ranged. This is usually done around phase 2 or 3. Try not to dismount with a part break unless you have kept track of the damage dealt to behemoth.

  • Evade extender will help a lot for evading meteors. You can also block it with an SnS shield.

Afternote: I run the tank in this team. I had used the Glutton HBG tank build first but felt like it was way too defensive when it gained enmity. I decided to switch to para lance tank and I feel it does much better with enmity since it counter attacks instead of just standing there sort of helpless. The downside is that it's much harder to gain enmity as a lancer compared to Spread 3 HBG. My build is actually not very optimized but we managed to complete multiple duties today. Weapon is Taroth Crest "Mud", empress helm B, Kirin chest B, Empress gloves B, Vaal waist Y, Empress greaves A. Ironside Charm III, Temporal Mantle, Health Booster. Skills are Guard 5, Wide-Range 5, Para atk 3, Evade Extend 3, Divine Blessing 3, Health boost 2, Recovery speed 2, Dragon atk 1, Minds eye, Guard up. Not very optimized and if you find a better build I would appreciate if you sent me it.

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