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Fan made monster: Charax

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Fan made monster: Charax

Name: Charax

Class: unknown

Nickname: Twisted Wood Hydra

Element: Dragon

Ailments: Webbed, Poison, Dragonblight

Weaknesses: Fire, Thunder

Physiology: Charax is an unusual monster with two forms. While normally it resembles a cat-sized caterpillar with a wyvern-esque head, when startled it will join with other Charax to form a "suit" made of leaves, wood, and other nearby materials. This form resembles a many headed dragon with a serpentine body and a silk draping over the majority of its body, save for its "jaws" and the very tip of its tail.

Behavior: Charax are highly social creatures that live in colonies, which can number from as little as 20 to as numerous as 150 individuals. They are rarely seen alone due to their timid and easily frightened nature. As one might expect, this leads to most Charax encounters being with the larger, much more aggressive form.

When grouped together in such a manner they become highly territorial and destructive, fighting off trespassers with the ferocity of a Diablos. This temperament dissipates when the large form is defeated, forcing the individual Charax to scamper off into nearby brush to hide.


Abilities: In both forms, Charax are extremely destructive, though in different ways. Single Charax are voracious eaters and a small colony can defoliate an entire forest. Large form Charax have immense strength and rip trees from the ground to use as weapons. The individual heads can also move independently to target foes with breath attacks and biting. Strength-wise, large form Charax is close to Rathalos, though there's rumors that some specimens can defend themselves against monsters as powerful as Deviljho.

Through unknown means, Charax can also make use of the dragon element and various poisons. It is unknown if they produce these things naturally or obtain them from other sources.

Habitat: Charax mainly thrive in heavily wooded areas and migrate en masse when resources become depleted.

Inspiration: Charax's true physical appearance and name are inspired by the Charaxinae subfamily of butterflies, which have caterpillars that resemble tiny dragons. The larger form is inspired by tent caterpillars, bag worms, and the mythical hydra.

The concept of a small monster that groups with others to form a large monster is very unusual and would certainly make for an interesting fight. I feel that large Charax would be close to being classed as an elder dragon due to its unusual habits and surprising strength while normal Charax would be treated more like a Lynian species or a Poogie.

Disclaimer: No Charax were harmed in the making of this post.

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