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Fanmade Monster: Carphos

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Fanmade Monster: Carphos

Name: Carphos

Class: Snake Wyvern

Nickname: The Sand Guardian

Element: Thunder

Ailments: Thunderblight, Poison

Weaknesses: Water, Sonic Bombs

Physiology: Carphos is a very large monster with an extremely long reddish serpentine body. Its body is segmented and each segment has a single thin, dark spine on the back, except for the head. The neck is tapered ever so slightly – just enough to make a visible difference – and is rather short in proportion to the rest of the body. The very end of the tail is rounded and smooth.

Its head and jaws are translucent dark grey and resemble a beak or a simple knight helmet. The top jaw is keeled and has a serrated edge. The bottom jaw is similar except it's separated into two halves, one attached to each side of the face by a strong muscle covered with a thick dark grey plate. There is an organ in the lower jaws that can spray poison at a short distance.

On the back of the head where it meets the neck, there are a couple small, dark grey keeled scales – one layered over the other- that serve as "ears" and detect sound vibrations. These scales are extremely sensitive and help the monster navigate its environment through sound.

Hunters have discovered that Carphos does have eyes, though under the top head plate. Its eyesight is very poor and only serves to identify if the monster is above or below ground.

Specimens can grow hundreds of meters long and possibly live for centuries. Researchers have taken a great interest in Carphos due to its immunity to many toxins and illnesses. It has been theorized that Carphos may be the only non-Elder Dragon that's immune to the Frenzy Virus. This makes the monster extremely valuable to scientific research and has led to strict laws on hunting this species. Only certain ranks of hunters are allowed to hunt Carphos, and then only older specimens.

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Behavior: For a subterranean creature, Carphos surfaces very frequently. It has poor eyesight, so it navigates using sound waves. When a potential prey item is spotted, it will tunnel rapidly towards its prey. This can be seen above ground as disturbances in the sand.


Once the prey is within range, the monster will suddenly leap out of the sand and circle its prey, exposing sections of itself similar to how a shark's fin slices through the surface of the sea as it dives above and below ground repeatedly. Then, it will go in for the kill – either by shocking its prey with electricity or spraying poison at close range. Depending on the size of the prey item, it may be eaten whole or torn into smaller pieces.

An unusual phenomenon has also been observed when this monster is exposed to music. It will emerge from underground, find the source of the sound, and happily wiggle with the music. No one is sure why they do this.

The exact opposite effect is displayed when Sonic Bombs are used. Said monster will shriek in pain after the detonation and flee deep underground. This is due to their sensitivity to sound and can physically harm them.

Carphos are a perfect example of monogamy in nature. Almost all of them mate for life and equally share the task of watching their nest. The young are helpless when they first hatch, so their parents fiercely guard them with their lives until they are old enough to survive on their own. Any creatures trespassing on the nest will be attacked and, if killed, fed to the young.

Abilities: Using their powerful muscles, Carphos dive through the sand at great speeds. They're very agile and effective hunters. Their muscles also allow them to electrically charge the area around them within a short radius. Anything caught in this radius will be electrocuted.

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One ability used less commonly is spraying a toxic substance on prey and opponents. This substance is slightly corrosive to skin and repeated exposure may cause organ damage. Luckily, the poison spray can be disabled by breaking the lower jaw.

Habitat: sandy beaches and some deserts

Inspiration: In a recent post, a user named MarkulaX brought up the idea of a sandworm monster. I agreed that we do indeed need a sandworm in Monster Hunter. So I made one.

Its physical appearance is inspired by my absolute favorite sandworms – the Graboids from Tremors. I also took inspiration from the Mongolian Death Worm, electric eels, and the snake genus Carphophis. As for its nickname…yes, I did get that from a Vine.

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