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Fanmade Monster: Peripat

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Fanmade Monster: Peripat

Name: Peripat

Class: Brute Wyvern

Nickname: The Velvety Terror

Element: none

Ailments: webbed, defense down

Weaknesses: fire

Physiology: Peripat is a highly unusual brute wyvern with its small size and pinkish/maroon velvety hide. It's thick tail has a row of flaps on each side, much like Chameleos does, and takes up half of its entire body length. Like previously mentioned, it's much smaller than other brute wyverns – being only slightly larger than the average Velocidrome. Running alongside the spine are two rows of flexible light purple spines, which continue to the end of the tail. Given the breakable nature of these spines, it's assumed that they are used for dominance displays rather than defense.

The monster's arms and legs have padded paws with retractable claws. These claws are sharpened regularly on the sides of rocks for later use in combat.

Perhaps this monster's strangest physical trait is it's head. Peripat's eyes are very small and function poorly, so it relies instead on two highly sensitive antennae. Just below the antennae are two silk producing tubes, one on each side of the head. Its mouth is a semi-jawless circle with a cartilage plate that closes the mouth and a couple rows of teeth lining just inside the front of the mouth.

Due to its unusual appearance, some people consider this monster to be distantly related to Khezu and Gigginox. However, the fossil records prove this highly unlikely and suggest that Peripat has remained unchanged for millions of years.

Behavior: Unlike other brute wyverns, Peripat is a social species with a complex hierarchy. The oldest female leads the pack, followed by the rest of the adults in a specific "pecking order", and then the young. They hunt alone and bring their prey back to the pack, where they share their hunts. Sharing a large hunt can increase an individuals social ranking, so many Peripat will take any available opportunity to hunt -even when they are clearly outmatched.


Hunting can be difficult for Peripat due to their lack of speed, though they make up for it with physical strength and the ability to shoot immobilizing silk. Before returning with their prey, Peripat spray a digestive fluid to allow for easier feeding. This fluid is usually sprayed on immobile prey and can weaken armor, though it takes the monster a few moments to produce enough fluid to use. The fluid also allows for the silk to be "recycled" for later use.

While it's endlessly tempting, trying to pet this monster is a terrible idea. The velvety hide serves an important purpose – controlling water exposure – and touching the surface will cause Peripat to become extremely defensive and attack whatever is touching it. Peripat are sensitive to dehydration and the heat from a hunter's hand will cause it to panic and slash with it's claws.

Abilities: Peripat is naturally slow for its size, so it uses a stream of sticky silk to immobilize prey for a short period of time. When it reaches its prey, it lashes out with sharp claws and sprays an acidic digestive fluid to lower its prey's defense.

Though mostly blind, it has no issues locating prey due to its sensitive antennae. These antennae can also detect temperature changes and moisture.

The velvety hide on this monster regulates its fluid intake – repelling water during times of excess and channeling water into the mouth with microscopic grooves in the skin when it's thirsty.

Habitat: Tropical rainforests, warm dark caves

Inspiration: Peripat is based heavily on the velvet worm – a cute little critter which has terrifying hunting behaviors. Many of Peripat's traits are shared with velvet worms, such as weakness to dehydration, slow pace, and having been around for millions of years. It's physical appearance combines traits of both modern and extinct velvet worms. The name Peripat is also derived from the Peripatus genus of velvet worms. In case you haven't guessed, I'm very fond of these creatures.

Originally this was supposed to be brute wyvern Khezu, but I decided that it'd be lazy to copy another monster and stick it in another class. So, I went with something that's -in my opinion- more original…and less questionably designed.

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