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Fanmade monster: Sagrado Mandra

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Fanmade monster: Sagrado Mandra

Name: Sagrado Mandra

Class: Elder Dragon

Nickname: The Equal Dragon Core

Element: Water, Dragon

Ailments: waterblight, dragonblight

Weaknesses: Dragon, Poison (status ailment)

Physiology: Sagrado Mandra is a smaller bipedal elder dragon with a plain looking mottled grey hide. Its long tail has a tattered eel-like fin running from the top edge and stopping on the underside of the tail just below the tip. There is a webbed sail on the center of its back, which is not connected to the fin on the tail. It's roughly twice as large as the average Kirin.

Its powerful hind legs have long webbed feet with small claws on the end of each toe. The arms are similar, only a little shorter and with smaller digits.

The monster's neck isn't very long and is connected to a small bit of the sail fin at the very bottom. From the forehead to the back of the neck is an ornate display of feathery reddish gills which extend from the back of a white plate that covers the top of the head and the forehead. On the top edge of each gill is a flat white plate that protects the gills. Near the front of the plate, centered on the forehead, is a small translucent red horn.

Sagrado Mandra's snout is blunt and somewhat wide. This; coupled with its large, dark brownish/grey eyes and wide mouth, gives the monster a blank expression much like Dodogama or a catfish with elevator music playing in its mind.

The tail, sail fin, gills, and horn can be broken; however, Sagrado Mandra can regrow them along with any other part of itself.

Behavior: Due to a poor history with the Ancient Civilization, Sagrado Mandra has a severe distrust for humanity and will attack any trespassing humans with extreme ferocity. Ancient tablets about this monster indicate that it was once docile to humans, perhaps even friendly.

Unfortunately, the Ancient Civilization required the parts of this particular monster as the base for the Equal Dragon Weapon, resulting in a massive hunt and the near extinction of this powerful creature. Many individuals even have scars where parts didn't heal completely after being poached.

Abilities: This monster's control over water is both fascinating and deadly. Through unknown means, it can flood entire sections of an ecosystem or generate water seemingly out of nowhere – even in the desert. While it can use such power to launch powerful water element attacks, it mainly prefers to change the terrain it's fighting in. This gives it an advantage, as suddenly flooding the landscape can bewilder foes and render them at the mercy of the currents.


As an elder dragon, Sagrado Mandra is physically very powerful. In water it can form whirlpools just by moving its tail, and bringing it on land doesn't disadvantage it much. It's particularly fond of putting its hind feet in the air while keeping its forelimbs on the ground in a "handstand" and kicking at foes repeatedly. The tail can also be used to whip foes from the side, though this technique takes some preparation.

This monster's most intriguing ability would likely be it's impressive regenerative abilities. If a body part is removed or damaged, then over time it will heal or grow back completely. How this occurs is unknown, though poison seems to diminish the regeneration and may leave scars on the monster.

Regeneration happens slowly, so breaking a part won't produce a visible effect. The monster will instead become enraged at its foe and attack much more aggressively.

There is evidence that some of the regenerative properties persist in removed tissue and deceased specimens, though not enough to repair biological systems or grow a new organism by itself. When exposed to fresh parts of other monsters, the Sagrado Mandra tissue will bond almost inseparably with the materials, creating very strong hybrid materials. Unfortunately for hunters, improperly prepared tissue can bond the new materials to whatever wears them and bring disaster. Understandably, the armor from this monster is considered cursed.

Habitat: Limited to one particular waterway in the caverns of El Dorado

Inspiration: Sagrado Mandra is my interpretation of the Equal Dragon Weapon lore. I know that it's considered non-canon, but I felt that it would make an interesting monster origin. Regarding my elder dragon's appearance and habitat, I took inspiration from the axolotl – an endangered species known for its regenerative abilities and connection with Xolotl, the Aztec god of death. With such interesting lore connected to my main inspiration for this monster, it deserved to be an elder dragon.

Its name is derived from Portuguese. Sagrado means sacred and Mandra is short for Salamandra, which means salamander.

I'm not sure if I'm going to make any other elder dragons. I have a couple ideas, but I don't want to make too many of this class or make something overpowered. I'll give this thought some time.

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