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Fanmade Monster: Yian Ya-Ku

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Fanmade Monster: Yian Ya-Ku

Name: Yian Ya-Ku

Class: Bird Wyvern

Nickname: Inquisitive Thief Bird

Element: fire

Ailments: fireblight, paralysis if it spits out a paratoad

Weaknesses: water, ice

Physiology: Yian Ya-Ku is a large bird wyvern with a slim body, a long tail with a small stinger at the tip, scaly feet with a sickle shaped claw on the innermost toe, a large round beak, and clawed arms that double as small feathered wings. Research has proven that Yian Ya-Ku is a hybrid of Yian Kut-Ku and Kulu Ya-Ku. It's wings, ears, and back can all be broken.

Its head has a pair of frills and a row of feathered plumage running from the scalp to the back of the neck. The beak is tipped with black and creates a hard plate between the eyes and over the eyebrows. Usually the eye color is either yellow or blue, though hetero-chromatic individuals have been observed.

There are at least four very large plates running down the back and stopping just at the base of the tail. On the underside of the tail is a pattern of light brown stripes.

Overall it's coloration is a light reddish-orange with a darker tint on the legs and hands. There is a light brown tint to the underside of the throat.

Behavior: Like most bird wyverns, Yian Ya-Ku is extremely intelligent. Specimens have been observed stealing eggs and cooking them using their fire breath. They also occasionally copy the gestures of hunters and other monsters.

When in fights; Yian Ya-Ku use their environment to their advantage, grabbing nearby objects and spitting or hurling them at opponents with mixed results. Paratoads are a favorite projectile, second to eggshells and small rocks. They will also use rocks to block attacks, much like Kulu Ya-Ku.


Yian Ya-Ku's title is very fitting due to this monster's kleptomaniacal nature. This monster will steal items from hunters, chests, gathering points, and other large monsters to decorate its nest. It is theorized that those with the most unusual items have the highest ranking in social status. Some hunters have even reported that Yian Ya-Ku have attempted to steal the weapons from their hands – sometimes while the hunters were fighting. Luckily, no attempts have been successful.

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Abilities: Much like Yian Kut-Ku, Yian Ya-Ku is naturally quick on its feet with excellent hearing and the ability to spit rocks and small animals as flaming projectiles, much to the dismay of any nearby paratoads. It can also glide for short distances as long as its wings are intact.

In close combat it will either dig up a rock to use or strike with its beak and claws. It may also attempt to grab your weapon, but this can easily be deflected and doesn't actually disarm your hunter, only knocking them back a little.

Habitat: desert brushland, wherever hunters put their trash cans, forest clearings

Inspiration: Yian Kut-Ku and Kulu-Ya-Ku are both extremely similar monsters in appearance, behavior, and weaknesses. I don't know where I got the idea to combine the two, but I'm satisfied with the result.

Part of me feels that this monster would intentionally act annoying in a plot to steal traps from hunters.

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