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Fanmade Zone: Mistveil Canyon

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Fanmade Zone: Mistveil Canyon

Name of region: Mistveil Canyon

Location: On an island to the southeast of the Old World

Geography: Positioned snugly inside a vast canyon, a lush jungle flourishes in the many expanses of side caverns and alongside a rushing river passing through the middle of the canyon. As the native trees grew further from the riverbed, their roots slowly cut through stone and gouged out massive caverns in the walls. Some places have even collected water and formed small lakes and ponds.

Climate: As the name suggests, this area has a notably humid climate. For most of the year the ground is saturated with rainwater and a thin mist hugs the forest floor. There is a brief dry season during the late summer. During this season many unique plants produce brilliant flowers and monsters compete fiercely for the privilege of mating.

After this dry season, a heavy fog drapes the landscape in a long "winter". Most local monsters go into hibernation and the rainforest is overrun by fungi. The fog remains until the following spring, when it thins and the sunlight removes the thick fungal growths on the trees and rocky outcrops. Some explorers even suspect that the forest is being visited by Chameleos itself, though there is no concrete evidence of an elder dragon's presence here.

Flora: Almost every plant a hunter needs can be found somewhere in this jungle. Herbs, berries, Felvine, it can all be harvested from this forest. Fungi are somewhat rarer- mainly lying tucked in the warm, humid caves on the edges of the region. During the winter season, fungi spread to the trees and absorb as much energy as they can before the sun returns and makes the area inhospitable for the cave fungi. Only some of these fungi are palatable to most monsters, though Mosswine don't seem to mind the tough texture.

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Fauna: Creatures are drawn by the metaphorical siren call of this rich landscape. Large monsters such as Piu Mosso, Peripat, Nargacuga, Great Wroggi, and Royal Ludroth make their homes here in the canyon. Chameleos has been rumored to visit seasonally, though it's likely just a rumor.

Of course, an ecosystem cannot be complete without small monsters such as Kelbi, Ludroth, Charax, Wroggi, and Mosswine. Many small monsters and herbivores graze happily on the herbs and shrubbery of the riverside. Explorers have taken great interest in the local fauna due to numerous rumors of rare monsters and new species. So far, a miniature Slagtoth subspecies has been found.

There is evidence that Deviljho was once an indigenous species, though the only evidence is from bones and eggshells found attached to trees and wedged between cave cracks with silk and leaves. It is suspected that the Deviljho were killed off by another species with a voracious appetite, though researchers have been unable to identify a large monster capable of this.

Available Resources: Most common herbs, berries, and mushrooms can be harvested in this area. Rare wood and mushrooms are also available, though during different seasons. During the winter season, any type of mushroom can be harvested except for spicy mushrooms. Rare wood types, which are unique to this region, can be harvested during the dry season.

The caves are rich in Bealite and Dragonite ore, along with stone and some amount of earth crystals. Bones, Unique Mushrooms, and silk can also be found in the caves.

Bugs are plentiful in the canyon. Most common bugs can be caught here, along with Shiny Beetles, Rare Scarabs, Flutterflies, and Stinkhoppers.

Due to how the various ponds were formed, fish are much less common and can only be harvested from spots in the river. Common fish are available from the river, along with Glutton Tuna and Bomb Arowana.

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