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Fashion Hunting dreams have been crushed. (Sob Story)

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So… Ya'll know Undertale, right? Of course you do.

I was trying to make a cosplay armor of Mettaton NEO.

You'd think this would be easy… But no. It just wasn't happening. Anyway… Here's how it went down.

Dante's Hair was obvious. Sure. It didn't flare up like Mettaton NEO's hair but it at least looked like Mettaton EX's hair soooo… Close enough.

The chest piece was equally as obvious… Xeno'jiiva Mail Alpha of course. It's got the light wings… But this is when the problems start.


Mettaton NEO's light wings are hot pink… BUT NO!! They apparently have to stay blue because fu*k off, Capcom!

So I said "Oh, well." And moved on to the Vambraces. I was trying to find something that resembled & arm cannon on one side & the best I could manage was the Uragaan Vambraces Alpha. It was thick, heavy & Kinda resembled an arm cannon at least a little bit. I dyed it what little hot pink I could &…


Mettaton NEO doesn't even have a waist. So in order to help contrast with the chest a little bit, I took the Vangis Coil Alpha & dyed the ring white.

Miraculously, the boots weren't hard to choose as dying the Black Diablos Greaves Alpha hot pink worked pretty well.

Unfortunately, the end result hardly resembled Mettaton NEO overall & to make matters worse, the skills SUCKED! I had way too many 1-Point skills & none of them were particularly great.

So I just scrapped the whole thing… Dreams crushed.

I'd probably have a better time making a Sans armor set… But I hate Sans.

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