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Fatalis is a Good Practical Application Monster

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So recently Sparrow and I fought Fatalis in MHFU. During that fight I found myself noticing plans of action that I've learned over the course of fighting other monsters.

Before fighting him I had never seen nor participated in the fight prior so the experience was wholly new. Some things I noticed when fighting him really just makes it clear how well these games are crafted.

One of the first lessons you learn fighting wyverns in this game is that it's very risky to stay directly in front of them, unless you have a greatsword or hammer in which at the head is basically where you need to be. The reason that is is the insta-charge. Monsters like Garuga, the Raths and Kut Kus have the ability to charge on a dime. Monsters like the Blos and Vios monsters and Tiggy have a telegraph before they hurl themselves at you. Early in the fight Fatalis brushed by me and lo and behold 80 percent of my health was gone. Being in a position to where I couldn't see the front half of his body I didn't realize that I ran into a charge because of hoe slow his charging attack is. I immediately thought well I'm way under prepared, but as the fight went on and he hit me with his tail during the turning animation, and was barely damaged by it, I realized that the reason I lost so much health was because I had inadvertently ran in to his charging hit box which goes all the way to his tail, for some reason. After learning this I took what I new about monsters with charging attacks and took the fight back to him, I had backed off after falsely thinking that every brush up was going to kill me lol. Having to maintain positional awareness for the likes of the Blos and Vios monsters made avoiding the charge relatively easy.


The next thing I learned about fighting the monsters in this game is in regards to the Raths and the fire Elders with flying projectiles. That lesson is if it's flying the best place to be to avoid projectiles is directly underneath it. I only got hit by 2 of the flying fireballs thanks to all the Rathalos I've fought and learning to hangout in his shadow while he's in the air. One fireball got me because I hadn't yet realize that he sometimes moves then attacks again when you're in range. The other hit me because I was trying to hit him with the dragonator and got cornered.

Another thing the game teaches you when dealing with enemies that fly, specifically the Raths and the Blos, is that when they land you can reliably position yourself where you can hit the head or tail upon them landing. Fatalis is even more generous in this as before he lands he even marks the perfect position with a fireball shot right at the spot on the ground that you should be standing to hit his head. Very effective for Hammers and Greatswords to get their positioning correct.

You can watch our Fatalis hunts on a previous post on my profile is you want. All around Fatalis in my opinion is a great monster to practice many of the lessons the game teaches you over time. Can't wait to fight Crimson.

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