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Fatalis Thread [Potential Spoilers]

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Fatalis Thread [Potential Spoilers]

Didn't see a thread around yet, so I thought I'd make one.

I'll compile everything I've learned from my repeated tries against Fatalis and it'd be great if everyone helped to quickly form a guide of sorts.

First off: Fatalis doesn't seem to have any gimmicks (DPS checks ans the like) but it seems to be a pure grudge match against the legendary black dragon.

Also there may be spoilers ahead, so if you don't want that probably go fight him first.

  • There's siege equipment lying around, use it when you can: Cannons can be used to deal quite a lot of damage to Fatalis' head when it's standing upright. Ballistae can be used to shoot it out of the air when it's flying for a very long knockdown animation.
  • If you flinchshot Fatalis when he's standing upright you can't wallbang him, but will deal a small amount of damage nonetheless and force him to all fours. If you flinchshot him into a wall when he's on all fours you deal a large amount of damage. Thanks u/DiabloSSSSSS
  • Even with Divine Blessing Secret, Divine Blessing 5, Health Boost and something like 1200 Defense and 42 Fire Resistance Fatalis ended up dealing a fuckton of damage with every single attack.
  • The 30 minute timer is fairly tight, take a few tries just to learn his patterns, because you will probably clock out on your first few tries.
  • If you clock out or cart on your first try, after making it past Fatalis second cutscene, the A-Lister seems to stay injured and not join you for the second try.
  • Fatalis first "supernova" melts away the cover you are hiding behind, his second supernova melts the barrier and I timed out right when he was doing his third, so if anyone has information on how to avoid it, please add it. For the third and later novas, you have to stand underneath/behind Fatalis to survive. Thanks u/GuudeSpelur
  • Fatalis charges fire breath when he's on all fours seems to be blocked by the rock formations in the arena (reminiscent of Safi'jiiva)
  • In Fatalis final phase his fire attacks are powered up, to power him down so to say, you appear to have to break his head (reminiscent of Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos). You may be able to prevent him from going into a powered up state by breaking his horns before that. Thanks u/Rigshaw.
  • Most of Fatalis attacks are either big sweeps, have aftereffects (like exploding after a few seconds) or both (reminiscent of Alatreon's fire attacks)
  • The roaming ballista seems to be indestructable, use it liberally, especially when Fatalis is flying for a relatively easy knockdown
  • You can indeed mount Fatalis but it's fairly hard to pull off. Also his moves have longer Animations than your jump, so you have to brace when he attacks.
  • If you do pull off a mount and don't finish the mount finisher in time, Fatalis might throw you off. Thanks u/Rigshaw (again)

I'm excited to see everyone's insights, and maybe we can get an actual Fatalis guide going.

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