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MonsterHunterWorld6 - Fated 4 in World?

I know this has been brought up a lot but it is something a lot of people have been talking about and is getting brought up again a lot lately with the iceborne announcement giving possible good location for Popodrome, but the question is where would you put the other 3?

Glavenus is the easiest, he would fit many maps, ancient forest, elders recess, hec he probably wouldn’t even look too out of place in the coral highlands (I know the Wildspire works for him too but not going to put him there for reasons later)

Astalos is also pretty easy, ancient forest seems to be the one most people go to for him however I personally like the idea of putting him in the rotten vale, there is a lot of bug life in there which would mean ample food, I imagine him mostly hanging around the top of the vale where radobann likes to hang around, there is even a good nest spot for him right at the top where you can sometimes fight Rado and Bazel, he could even pulls a bit of an Odo and end up fighting him in the Coral Highlands


I know one of the biggest issues is where to put Mizutsune, he is quite unlikely due to the Leviathan skeleton not working and most people seem to want him in coral highlands despite there not being enough water in large enough areas to really suit him, so theoretically where would he go? Well personally I’d put him in the wildspire waste, that may sound counter intuitive but I imagine him following mostly the areas where you can find Jyradodus as well as the green areas on the north side of the map where you usually find Rathian, but if that can’t work I imagine the Ancient forest also works well.

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What are your thoughts? I know the fated four work best as a set however I would be happy with even just one, and personally I hope it will be the big fluffy girl, she is quite unique compared to anything in world and being a new expansion you could make sure to put aside some areas that compliment her fight, also with Nagacuga confirmed we will probably get Tigrex also and Gammoth x Tigrex Turf war please!

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