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Favorite changes in Rise?

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Favorite changes in Rise?

World was good but flawed for me. It's the first MH title I played through until the end, and I enjoyed many of the QoL changes, but there were still some things that bugged me. It seems like Rise is continuing to innovate with many new features. Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

  • No Mantles: Mantles made hunts less interesting. Temporal, Rocksteady, Evasion etc. made you too powerful. While active, they made me forget about the monster and focus rather on dealing as much damage as possible. More than this, I hated how they covered up my armor and hunter. Without mantles, I can focus more on myself and the monster.
  • No Clutch Claw: Having to keep up a soften all the time was a chore, especially since you're punished so much for not doing it. Otherwise, the mechanic was somewhat interesting, but it'd need something else. The wirebug is much better.
  • No Slinger: This might be nitpicky, but I hated finding slinger ammo everywhere. It would get in the way when I wanted to pick up other things and made the game feel cluttered. In base world before the clutch claw, it felt fairly useless. You'd use it to occasionally drop rocks on a monster, which was really cool, but then you'd go back to forgetting about it.
  • No Decoration Grinding: Decoration grinding was obnoxious and too time consuming. While it didn't always make or break builds, it was irritating to know I may never finish a build unless I play for hundreds more hours. I'm glad talisman grinding will likely replace it.
  • Cleaner Visuals: I like the visual design of Rise more than World. World felt visually cluttered, especially in some maps like the Ancient Forest. I like how Rise's focus is more on you and the monster.
  • Wirebug: Unfortunately, I came late and didn't get access to the demo, but the wirebug looks very fun. Being able to jump and grapple onto the air gives combat new opportunities for attacks and mobility. I like the cooldown for Wirebug rather than the limited ammo of the slinger. Waiting for wirebug to come back is more appealing than having to sheath my weapon and find slinger ammo.
  • Hunting Horn Changes: I usually play support characters in MMOs, RPGs, MOBAs, etc. so the idea of the HH is right up my ally (not that HH is a "support only" weapon). Being able to buff my allies while wailing on the monster seemed cool. However, it was always too complicated for me. Having to think about keeping my songs up while dealing optimal damage to the monster gives me a brain overload. The new HH changes seemingly solve every issue I had with the weapon. The sound design makes the weapon look so satisfying to use as well.

Now that I wrote this, it came out a bit more negative about World than I expected. The point isn't "World bad, Rise good," but that Rise solved many of my main issues with World. World is a great game, but the fact that Rise looks so much better makes it all the more exciting. What are your favorite changes?

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