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Feels like I’m hitting a wall at Village 9

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I currently have around 65h of playtime and the low-rank was a breeze (as it should be I guess). I first started with LS, my go-to weapon in older games, then played for a while with the various Styles. I went with Valor LS with a mostly-Rathalos set and weakness exploit. I then switched to Valor GS because those draw charges are too fun. I made a Crit Draw/Focus build which allowed me to reach 9* Village pretty easily, with a bit of a hard time at the end of 8*.

Now I switched back to Valor LS, trying to incorporate the Guard Point in my playstyle. I'm getting okay at it, and currently playing with Attack M, Weakness Exploit, Rec. Speed 1 (only other skill that I managed to get with my talismans). I have a Cheese knife, two ranks before the Omega Cheese Knife I believe (natural blue, 140 damage).


I'm now crawling through 9*… But I'm having a really hard time. Monsters are starting to hit hard (I have 300 defense before buffs), and the quests are becoming longer and longer, 15, often 20 minutes.

I'm actually starting to use more consumables than I can craft, I can see my honey stocks getting lower and lower, same for bomb casings. I'm actively using the Tailraiders to get some, but the future is not looking bright!

Do you guys have some advice for me? I had a blast up until 8*, but I'm more and more frustrated during my hunts and am not having that much fun anymore… Should I give online a try? Do people even play online for Village quests?

Thanks in advance.

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