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Few tips for ATV

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The main problem people seem to have in this fight is how fast the effluvium chips away at your health. This causes a problem as the effluvium chip damage can stack from three different sources: the yellow mist in several rooms, Vaal’s aoe cloud that he lays down and from being near Vaal himself.

Challenger Mantel: you know that one mantel that you’ve never used, well now it actually has a use. Arch Vaal starts up in the effluvium levels of the Veal rather than down in his normal stomping grounds. By using the challenger mantel you can lead Vaal down to his normal fight zone. Once down there he will only move between rooms 14 and 16.

Reposition as necessary: you can further reduce the effluvium chip damage by moving the fight out of Vaal’s aoe clouds that he puts down. If you don’t have a shield and guard up it’s best to put your weapon away until Vaal comes to you, just in case you need to Superman dive through his effluvium torrent breath attack


Use the mini monsters to your advantage: for those sporting health augmented weapons, killing a few girros and using their corpses to proc the heath gain on your weapon for a quick top off. If you used the challenger mantel trick then half the fight will be on Vaal’s meat bed, which has plenty of targets to choose from. Luring Vaal onto a fresh pile of bodies and you can easily fight through the chip damage. As a CB main fighting dead stuff is second nature.

Divine Blessing: many others have posted this already but need to be said, divine blessing helps a lot to reduce the chip damage.

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