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Finally after 523 hours ( should be less cause of KT ), I finally got 100%

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - Finally after 523 hours ( should be less cause of KT ), I finally got 100%

) and honestly, it was easier than the others ( others determine by the leg or the tail )

For Kirin Large, your head MUST be below the belly and MUST have a gap between your head and the belly. For Kirin Small, your head MUST touch the upper horizontal line.

The other dragons ( Theostra, Val Hazak, KD ), I got them mostly out of pure luck. I just do something investigation with some friends and so happen to got it so I cant say much but these guides (


) works 90% of the time. I believe your head MUST be below the bend of Vaal Hazak and MUST have a gap.

If you need measurements, you can use any slinger ( even stones ) to shoot the ground and cause them to react to it.

Lastly, regarding the exploit of the abandon or return to camp, to my knowledge, it doesnt work for me because either I dont know how to do it or it really got patched up. I use return because I hope to recycle the RNG to my favor but there are times where the entire 5 attempts of an investigation did not change anything so I believe that some investigations can give a recycle monsters while there are others that gives a constant monster.( meaning just spend all 5 attempts. maybe you get lucky and it change)

I like to thank the Monster Hunter community for all the advises. That said, I do hope Capcom change certain game mechanic and design ( especially DB when it staggers anyone close by as well as having the ability to select a group of people from my guild card and delete them, instead of 1 by 1 )

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