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Finally killed Behemoth (solo)! Here’s how I did it.

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Finally killed Behemoth (solo)! Here's how I did it.

Hello fellow hunters! It has been an hour ago since I have cleared "He taketh with his eyes" quest. I want to share to others my experience and how I finally managed to defeat it. By the way, I'm not a pro, I have only managed to play mhp3rd and freedom unite for more or less than 150 hours, and this is my third mh game, with around 340 hours in.

I use insect glaive as my main weapon, and also use charged blades and sword and shield as secondary weapons. I tried to kill behemoth A LOT of times with these weapons, trying out different builds. I have been watching solo runs and reading tips from other players who have finished this quest solo; I have also tried using other weapons. Still, I was not able to defeat him.

Not until I stumbled upon the HBG. It has been recommended across different posts as the 'easiest' weapon to use against behemoth. So I was like 'sh*t, why not', because I was really running out of options. I searched for the meta build for a cluster HBG, customized it according to what decos I have, and finally tried it out, practicing for hours. It's not a very impressive build, bit it did it's job. Here's the build I used for those who might ask:

  • Weapon: Dark Devourer (health augment)
  • Head: Xeno a
  • Chest: Empress B
  • Arms: Xeno b
  • Waist: Xeno b
  • Legs: Kirin b
  • Attack charm III
  • Decos: attack x2, vitality x2, release x1, flawless x1, sheath x1, fortitude x1, maintenance x1
  • Skills: attack boost 5, free element 3, peak performance 3, health boost 2, blight res 2, flinch free 2, fortify 1, special ammo boost 1, quick sheath 1, tool specialist 1


The whole day I was practicing on HBG on behemoth, farming mats and killing nergigante if I can't take it anymore xd This night, I cleared Behemoth quest in exactly 23 minutes, 2/3 faints, and gambling on the last ecliptic meteor with the final fantasy gesture, since there was no nearby comet. One of the most important things I have learned practicing on behemoth is mantle rotations. After finishing a certain phase, I go back to the camp to change mantles. First phase I used temporal and ghillie. I used temporal to dish out damage freely, and used the ghillie mantle to ambush behemoth at the start of the second phase with a bomb and wyvern blast. After dying in this phase (I had no more mantles to use, I was having a hard time moving with the hbg, plus it's fine because of fortify), I changed to Rocksteady and health boost, camping in the health boost with my Rocksteady on while firing at behemoth. Phase 3 I used fire mantle and vitality mantle, and phase 4 I used Rocksteady and temporal. The rotation I used is not suggested nor mandatory, it depends on your playstyle and preferences.

After a while, I defeated him. I know it has been done by others many times, but this was different. It was ME this time. My heart was screaming inside, and my body was shaking after the quest. I also called my mother from the other room xd I was kinda pissed when she said a while ago 'I think nobody will be able to defeat that', but I took it as a challenge at the same time.

Before finishing this, I just wanted to say to those of you have not yet killed behemoth, YOU CAN DO IT. It may require a lot of adjusting and patience, but you will be able to do it. Earlier in my runs, I was so tempted to use a mod to nerf behemoth, since I was so annoyed I couldn't beat him. Since I still have my sanity, I kept away from it. My advice is to not use any mod that would cheat the game, for it will take away the sense of accomplishment you will get from finishing the game as it is.

That's all I got, sorry for the long post. I hope this helps others even just a little bit, in defeating the damned monstrosity. Have a nice day!

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