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Finally New Mathematically Best Switch Axes Builds + explanation for each build (long post)

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Finally New Mathematically Best Switch Axes Builds + explanation for each build (long post)

TLDR : If you don't want to read me rambling about how good AT Nerg armors are + builds explanations then here's the link to those builds so you can go ahead and kill things:

83yDGv5 - Finally New Mathematically Best Switch Axes Builds + explanation for each build (long post)

So AT Orange Sonic (Nerg) is finally out meaning more good stuffs to build for that sweet dps.

Sad news, we cannot do the good ol 4 pieces Drachen + 1 piece AT Nerg and call it a day, the good pieces of AT Nerg conflict with the good pieces of the Drachen set (Chestpiece, Boots) with the exception of the Waist. So, we will have to find a way to use more than 1 non-Drachen armor piece to actually overcome Drachen.

And that's when Teostra (Kaiser) coming in, with only 3 pieces of Kaiser for MT, we can mix either 2 AT Nerg pieces or 1 AT Nerg + 1 other monsters' armor to finally pass Capcom's mistake which is called Drachen.

For the sake of comparison, I'll show my builds and the current "META" builds. These builds will be for the 4 following Switch Axes: Taroth Water, Luna/Nerg (Ruin), Jho and Vaal. The Vaal is not in the current meta build but it's actually really good so I'm gonna include it too.

Current META builds (by JinJinx and Tuna):

My builds:

However, some of the builds are not direct upgrades, these builds has to trade something for higher EFR, I'll list them here:

1st build: Taroth Water: 565.72 EFR vs 555.32 EFR

This build even though has the highest EFR ever, to reach that number, we're gonna need Agitator and 3 points of them.

Without Agitator, the build will drop to 529.58 EFR + 90% affinity and you have only 10 units of white sharpness. This build is extremely hard to maintain that highest EFR so unless you're a hunter who can maximize the dps during Agitator, I would still recommend the old build. But hey, higher EFR, math is cool.

Also, the build loses Power Prolonger but it's near useless for SA as the problem with SA is the build up to Amped, not the length of Amped.

2nd build: Luna/Nerg: 547.29 EFR vs 541.29 EFR


STRAIGHT UP UPGRADE BOI. The build keeps all the juicy stuffs and add exactly 1 point in Attack boost, so yeah, you can replace the old build.

The build loses Airborne (useless for SA as SA can't ledge-hopping) and Power Prolonger but doesn't matter, MAX DEEPS.

Also 3 points in Max might instead of 2 but that's manageable (drink Dash Juice, SA benefits from it more than you think)

3rd build: Jho 550.7 EFR vs 541.31 EFR

This is a funny one. The build keeps everything and gets 1 point in Agitator so yeah, direct upgrade, but it trades 2 points of Handicraft for that 1 point so yeah, not a very much direct upgrade. I'd still recommend the new build though.

So if you don't have any trouble playing with 10 units of white, use this build because more damage but if you're not comfortable with 10 units, the old build is better.

Also, you can replace one expert jewel for an attack jewel, this will raise the EFR to 553.07 but not recommend because you have 98% affinity with Agitator meaning only 95% without it so it's even harder to maintain white sharpness.

4th build: Vaal: 543.88 EFR vs 539.62 EFR

Another Agitator reliant build to pass the old one, same case with the Taroth Water.

There you guys have it. In the end, it doesn't matter if you use the old or new build because both of them are more than capable of killing things fast. I just want to show the "mathematically" best builds. You can actually build these sets for first Behemoth kill because ABSOLUTELY NO DRACHEN USED.

Have fun hunting with these builds. I play on PC so I'm gonna go meditate for 1 month until AT Nerg and then 5 more months until Iceborne, I'd go insane looking at console players enjoying themselves.


JinJinx and Tuna for the current meta builds:

Honey for the awesome builder:

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