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Fired SoS flare to no avail Ended up with the most satisfying hunt ive ever had.

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Fired SoS flare to no avail Ended up with the most satisfying hunt ive ever had.

Ive always hated big clunky weapons in games which is why in MH I always went with either DB or LS as they are fast they do a fair amount of damage and they aren't all that hard to use. Recently with the KT event I got the sleep Hammer so I said fuck it ill give it a go, absolutely loved it, I love the play style they have in MHW it feels like you are just a hulking mass of destruction. Anyway fast forward about 2-3 days fo using the hammer I start using it on elder dragons like Nerg and Vaal but only in groups, I never venture alone on elder dragon missions as im too afraid my ability to play is not as good to be able to do it alone. Now im not saying im bad in groups I dont cart on them in fact I have gone whole fights without getting hit but im just not confident to take them on alone, so I get the mission with a tempered Odogaron and a tempered Vaal Hazak and I think this should be easy ill fire and SoS flare I mean who would turn down getting 2 Tempered monsters one being VH, I fire it off at the start grab my hammer and head off to find Odo hoping to god someone joins before I get too fucked up. I begin fighting Odo and im absolutely ripping him a new one until he becomes enraged then the tables turned but I did manage to finally cap him and I look and still nobody has joined and it has been about 10 minutes so I say to myself man I should just abandon theres no way I can do Tempered Vaal alone…. Then something sparked and I was like man I just spent all that time on Odo and I got him and I thought there was no way let me give this a shot. I see Vaal I charge up my hammer and thwap him in the domeroni the fight ensues my smacking him him smacking me me shitting my pants him laughing, it goes on for about 8 minutes then he starts limping and in my mind im like holy shit holy shit I got this, I go back to camp grab all the bombs I can carry and lay them next to his sleeping body. Charge up a hit and slap him with everything ive got explosions everywhere I get back up charge at him with everything ive got and hit him with one last charge and he drops so I lay an onslaught of hammer smashes on his head and I get the mission complete. I have never felt so much satisfaction in my life I damn near jumped out of my seat I never thought I could do that alone and I didnt cart once ! my time was like 25 minutes I believe and I was just so happy I was shaking ( almost forgot to carve him) So to anyone who saw the quest in the SoS tab and said fuck that, thank you. You made me a better player and made me believe that I can do these solo and for those that have seen themselves in my shoes about to abandon because no help arrived you always have help, your cat will always be there and as long as you dont give up you've got a chance. Sounds silly but I learned a lot about myself in that fight and I came out more confident than ever. Monster Hunter/Capcom you have my money from here on out I never doubted you all the hours I had in the one on switch and DS and WIIU I never once went solo on something that hard but I do now. Thank you all for sticking around to read and happy hunting !


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