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First Support SnS Experience

MonsterHunterWorld6 - First Support SnS Experience

MHW is my first MH game, and I've spent the vast majority of my time in game running around with heavier, slower weapons (GS, HBG, Hammer). However, the other day I got an itch to put together and play a dedicated support build for some reason. It's completely out of my comfort zone; I've never acted as the support/healer in any game I've played. I have no idea why I suddenly had the urge to try out support after almost 300 hours in MHW. Regardless, something was just pushing me towards giving it a shot. I did some quick research, slapped together a SnS build, did a few solo Investigations to get used to the move set, and then headed out to respond to an SOS.

Bottom line up front: Wow. I've been missing out. This is a hell of a lot of fun.

I dropped into a SOS for a "This Is How Revolts Start" (hunt Diablos and Black Diablos) Event Quest. The two players in the quest were less experienced players; both were the absolute minimum HR required to undertake that quest. The host of the quest only had about half of the campsites for the Wildspire Waste unlocked. As soon as I spawned into the quest one of them died, followed shortly by the other when I was only a few steps outside of the campsite. I wasn't even half way to the fight and we were already down to our final cart. We still had two full health Diablos to kill and a Bazel to contend with.


What followed was about 20-25 minutes of high intensity, fast paced support game play, and I loved every second of it. I had to constantly and, at times, frantically keep both of them topped off with healing, attack/defense buffs, knock them out of stun, take aggro for them, drop traps/screamer pods, poop-pod Bazel away, etc. I lost count of the number of times a last second heal kept them alive, giving them just enough HP to survive being blasted by Black Diablos so they could get safe and I could top off their health again. I even focused on breaking the horns for them so that they would have a better chance of surviving future attacks. Somehow, only being one cart away from quest failure, I managed to keep both of them alive for the entire fight, and we successfully completed the quest. It was one of the most gratifying hunts I've ever had, ATED and Behemoth be damned. The little session stats at the end told me that I applied 88 heals/buffs over the course of the fight.

In short, if you've never given Support SnS a shot, I diffidently recommend it. It may be a bit "expensive" to run materials wise, but it's sure as hell worth it. It's an entirely new way to experience the game.

Side note: For you veteran Support SnS players, below is the the Support SnS build that I slapped together last night. Please feel free to provide me with feedback, critiques, and suggestions. I'm looking for input from more experienced players. (Also feel free to throw in comments about what type of support items you carry. Demon Powder vs Might Seed, Mega Potion vs Max Potion, etc).

ugtu11a95eg21 - First Support SnS Experience

(Item load out added following discussion below)

sg5gyn8kseg21 - First Support SnS Experience

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