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first time MH player, just killed Xeno’Jiiva, my experience so far

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I just had the credits roll in MHW after about 108 hours.

(This just got way longer than I anticipated, sorry ;D )

Just wanted to summarize my experience so far, maybe more or myself, maybe for some other new hunters who'd like to tackle the game.

As I already stated in the title, MHW is my very first Monster Hunter game. I'm a person who really likes big Monsters in any way shape or form, be it fantasy/scifi movies whatnot, but I never owned any console until recently, so I never got to play a Monster Hunter game.

People kept comparing this game to dark souls, which I realy don't like (feel free to lynch me in the comments), so I was somewhat put off from bying it on release.

But I went for it because monsters and dragons! And the combat just seemed so fun from the few streams I caught around release.

So I picked it up and the first day I spent most my time in the training area, trying every weapon for at least a couple of minutes (except for the LBG and HGB, not a fan of aiming on consoles ;p the bow was interesting though!) and decided on the switchaxe.

Loved the Idea of the charge-blade and the hunting horn, but I thought I'd just want to learn the game itself somewhat more before I fiddle with a (more) complex weapon.

Well, let's try this!

First… let me state this…the sheer scale of respect for the monsters you get throughout the campaign is reaally well done, every new introduction seems scarier than the previous ones, but you loose respect for them sooo quickly by just playing the game and getting better, you start to feel unstoppable… Bam, how about his new guy? Back to being intimidated it is ;D

So there was this great Jagras… a rasta lizard who likes to devour its prey in the whole. Intimidating? check!

And my first reaction to fighting him was just a big hearty laugh. Not because he was easy (ok, he was, but at that time I was still in awe) but because of his moveset. He just tried to roll over me with his fat belly because he could barely move due to his recent meal!

I never knew enough about MH to know, that it does not take itself quite serious, the graphic style certainly doesn't give it away (maybe I could have made that observation from the palico though… hmm) but I loved it.

Went on to beating the Great Jagras's behind and carved my first loot. Great Jagras Axe you say? Hell yea, that looks dope!

Me being so intimidated of all the new monsters, I always played it veeery safe and ran around alot until I was sure there is some time to attack, I beleive the first time I actually carted (and proceeded to fail the quest) was when I encountered my first diablos.

That made me co*ky. I thought myself, I was actually quite good at this. I got poisened a bunch my my first rathian, but I cut its tail and proceeded to kill it. I can do this!

This made me go back to the training area and I started to figure out the charge blade (which is my main weapon now). Did some repeat hunts of Jagras and Kul Ya, because, well, I was still scared to fu*k up with a new weapon. Had a good time, went on with the Main quest. I believe it was a couple quests later when diablos bodied me. Big time. So I hit my first wall, we can figure this out. My charge blade has a shield, there was a button to block with it, wasn't there?

Long story short… those 108 hours of gameplay served as a looong tutorial for me.. because everytime I got bodied, I knew I was doing something wrong, and I always added something to my play. With Diablos it was Blocking. With Kirin it was trying to aim for specific body parts (and eating nullberies, looots and loots of nullberries). With Paolumu it was actually using my slinger! (For more then the occasional 3 damage from some firepit lying around.) So again… I started to get co*ky.. I was using items now, was somewhat capable of charge blading, I was feeling good.


Around came High Rank. I did not know what to expect. Ok, theres a Barroth quest, He shouldn't be too hard, if I'm careful. Into the wastes I went together with my palico to tackle an all new adventure. Sure enough I found my prey, started to chop him up, when all of a sudden I see a shadow. What was that? All of a sudden there was this giant THING attempting some sort of stage dive on the barroth and me. And blew me up in the process.

10 Minutes into HR I got to know the pleasure of being greeted by the B-52. And since we became such good friends, he accompanied me throughout almost every HR Hunt I did.

What did I learn this time? Poop. Its useful. Always have some poop with you.

Up until that point, whenever there were turf wars I would usually Just watch. Because It was awesome to see AND they would do some of my job. Sure, have at it. Not with bagel tho, he wouldn't have it. He is just a maniac carpet bombing every location on the map where he sees a fight and following that up with a (rather ridicolous looking) dive. Always made me laugh and cry at the same time.

But I learned to navigate around him, didn't actually fight one seriously for a loong time, I traded a couple of hits with him on that first HR barroth quest, but after my 2nd cart I went on and caught the Barroth and avoided Bazel up until his optional quest came up.

So I made my way through HR. Beat all the Monsters from LR again, caught a bunch of them, farmed some armor/weapons I wanted, and slowly made my way through the story.

Nergigante was next. I've read alot about Nergi being a wall for so many people, so I was scared. And he was atually the second monster to make me fail a quest (Kirin did that twice before). But he was limping by the end. A glimpse of hope! So what did I do for round two? MOAR preperation! Brought a couple extra flashbugs and I FINALLY customized my radials. Up until this point I was only using the item "bar", but scrolling through every item is.. as everyone of you sure knows, quite a hassle in a fight ;D

So then I practiced some against a couple of black Diablos Investigations, got accustomed to the radial setup and learned to do some Guard Point Blocking.

Sure enough I killed Nergi! So now I learned to prepare! Don't go into every hunt with the same setup. So I prepped for the other elder Dragons.. and bested all of them on the first try (only xeno without carting though and took waaaay too long for Vaal Hazak, because I kept trying to run away from his breath of doom with unlimited range, instead of facehugging (or hip hugging) him and interrupting it).

So now I'm done with the Tutorial. I think It's safe to say that I now know the basics of monster hunting and am ready to tackle new challanges (next up is the double bagel Quest, I'm legit scared ;D ).

But I'm sure I will overcome that challenge aswell, any maybe I'm not quite done with the tutorial yet!

TLDR: I love the game and the way you progress. Sure, gear is a part of it, but with some practice, you can beat anything no matter your gear (I tried – killed black diablos with starter gear!)

So if you like a challenge… and love a gameplay cycle of being scared, learning, and proceeding to get co*ky just to get stomped again, then go for it!

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