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First time MH player looking for a basic explanation/comparison for weapon types w/o spoilers (MHW)

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Hello folks. So I am getting MH for the first time for the release of MHW on PC and I've heard about the weapon variety having all kinds of playstyles. The reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to avoid spoiling the magic of a first time, hence why I'm afraid to search without reading something that ruins any surprises, if that makes sense.

Anyway, the reason I ask now is because I'm one of those people who is very indecisive. I will try and horde every weapon type possible (I don't know if this is possible though haha) if given the means to without ever picking something or adding any skills/upgrades, which can make games somewhat trivial for me and ruin an experience, but I really can't help but be so indecisive. I've also read the mechanics of each weapon aren't really explained fully in-game, making it kinda hard to discover how a weapon playstyle works, which sounds like it won't help my indecisive nature. Now that's about as extensive as my searching has been without seeing anything, so I thought I'd ask here to get the real knowledge without any spoiling.

Any good informative video explanations you know on weapon styles/types, showing examples of how it's played, movesets and such I don't think are much spoilers to me, my memory is terrible, so I'll probably not remember any of it, but if I see a weapon standout to my liking, that would help tremendously. I may be able to decide thanks to that king video explanation.


Also any examples to other games linking playstyles would also be super useful too. Even if it's a game I've not played I probably have an idea to a degree. If not, I may search that game just to get an idea to help me somewhat get an idea. For example: Horizon Zero Dawn, a game prominently about using various bows and tools with different projectiles/ammo types to fight enemies. I quite enjoyed it a lot with the versatility and how you can mix and match tools and how certain enemies are weak to certain things or certain items help make fights in your favor, if this all makes sense. Is there a playstyle somewhat close to this? Maybe not as extensive, but a projectile-based weaponry somewhat matching the bow fighting at least? – Something like that would be super helpful for examples of playstyles for the different weapons.

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Anyway, I've written so much and probably taken up a lot of your time already, but thank you for the help and assistance with this. 🙂


TL;DR: Are there any not-so-spoilery videos (preferred)/written guides explaining weapon playstyles/movesets to give an idea of what it'd be like playing with for a first timer? Also, are there any weapon comparisons to other games with similar playstyles to give me an idea at what I'm looking at? These things could really help me out deciding a weapon style or two for me as I'm just too indecisive and end up ruining my experiences due to this reason. Thank you for the advice.

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