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First time playing MH!

MonsterHunterWorld6 - First time playing MH!

Hi fellow hunters! I just got (1-2 weeks ago) MHW, right now I have 45Hours and I'm hr6. I have to say that I'm in love with the game… :£ Yet still I'm a little bit afraid… I kinda know that jist the main story could take from 40-50 hours to finish, but I also know that a hug part of the game is not the main story…

This is my first MH world and I know that ppl get up to 300-400+ hours of game… and I've seen some ppl with super cool weps, doing "high rank quest" crafting "alpha and beta" sets, etc… things that I've no idea off… my question or cornern is:


All this stuff is unlocked after you finish the main story? Or once you reach certain hunter rank? (I'm don't want to end the game fast, I just don't want to end the game and unlock all that cool stuff/hunts to find that there is noting else to do… let just say, what comes afther you finish the main story? It is so to speak like in bloodborne "new game +"?

Ty all!

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