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Hey new to this sub and to the Monster Hunter franchise. I have the opportunity to buy MH:W for about 20 bucks from Gamestop on Playstation 4 and decided I wanna pull the trigger and dive into a game/franchise I have never played before. I'm currently downloading the free trial for my PS4 to see if I can get a head start and be able to transfer my save over. Still have over 2.5hrs before it's completed. My questions are the following and hopefully I can get some beginner tips if you guys wouldn't mind.

  1. How is the crafting system in this game for armor, weapons, etc.?

  2. Are there specific builds/classes you have to dedicate to or is it lax and allows you to create your own build style?

  3. Is it as level grinding as people say? If so is it a boring kind of grind if running around and killing monsters or are there any ongoing misc. quest that can give EXP?

  4. I plan to try out the multiplayer system regardless, but do I need to play with a party to beat the main story and/or sidequests?

  5. How is the character creation for this game? Is it pretty diverse or linear?

  6. Do I need to have played any previous Monstet Hunter games or look up any lore videos to understand the franchise/Universe?

  7. If I end up taking a liking to this game would the DLC be worth my time?

  8. Any recommendations on a build for new gamers?

One last question for you Hunters…

  1. How long would it take on average for someone new to get down the controls/mechanics?

I would checkout YouTube videos but I would prefer to ask those here on the MH Reddit. I've been given great tips and recommendations from other sub reddits for games/franchises I've never played before and did me wonder on getting into games I would of never see myself playing. (one example being The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Ended up loving the responses I ended up buying the complete edition. Also the announcement of a Monster Hunter: World crossing with The Witcher caught my attention to consider this game/franchise.)

Thanks guys

Sorry for the long post…


Any tips, hints and ideas for a newbie of the franchise?

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