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For Hunters of the New World: The Black Dragons

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In the 15th aniversey video we see after World is shown, five Dragons. These 5 shown at the end are (according to the Monster Hunter Encyclopedia 3) members of a group considered a threat level above Elder Dragons. They are classed as "Dangerous First-Class Monsters"

All a monster needs to be, to be classed as such is

1: Exude a unnatural-aura

2: Be known as a Black Dragon or Related to one

3: Be literally a myth or legend thought not to exist

4: Everything fears them, even other so called "Elder Dragons"

The Hunting Guilds of the world no NOTHING about them, only assumptions based on appearance and tales, and the Guilds believe just a single one could destroy the world if it tried.

They are (In order shown)

Dire Miralis, The Smelting Black Dragon

A dragon so hot it requires it's own sea to regulate the heat. It wiped out all life in that sea, turning it red with blood. It is said that after it is slain, it's heart continues to beat and that it can regenerate from just that. It's is thought to be immortal, and that like Crimson and White, it may actually be an incarnation of Fatalis.

Alatreon, The Blazing Black Dragon

Alatreon controls four elements. Ice, Fire, Thunder, Dragon. All writhe within its body and as such it is elementally unstable. Local legends fear it as a god or a demon who transformed into a dragon. Wherever Alatreon lives, nothing else can, not even plants. The weather constantly changes, the land burns to a crisp.

Crimson Fatalis, The Red Dragon

White Fatalis, The Ancestor Dragon

Fatalis, The Black Dragon

I feel the Fatalis need to be described together.

All Fatalis are an enigma, ancient dragons mankind have encountered time and time again, yet have no idea where they come from or why they are here. They are considered unnatural..even by the standards other Elder Dragons are held to. Their power is such a threat to the world Hunting Guilds often commission their elimination in secret lest the public panic that the legends prove true.

Fatalis do not have good eyesight, because its eyes are made of crystals, but it's hearing and smell are supernatural. Fatalis scales are harder than those of any monster, because Fatalis hunts as the hunters do. It takes it's fallen prey and melts their armour and bodies to itself with is baleful flames. Fatalis's fire breath is the strongest fire of any monster, stronger even than Teostra and Lunastra command of flame. All Fatalis can fly incredibly fast, and are incredibly strong, stronger than any monster known. No creature in the world challenges them, save for man. Even the mightiest Elder Dragons known to the guild FLEE from areas a Fatalis has taken roost.

It is legend that Fatalis is the worlds punishment for hunters becoming too greedy in their unsustainable hunts of the beasts of the world. Alternatively there is unconfirmed reports of a Fatalis laying a egg been witnessed once, and it only made the beast more terrifying as the egg apparently hatched and the baby grew to full size within hours. One thing the people are sure about these Black Dragons: They hate mankind on an instinctual level. They do not hunt man for food or to defend their territory. They hunt mankind because that is their purpose.


Once there existed a great Kingdom of man known as Schrade. They hunted monsters in droves with no regard for their populations or roles in the world. Then one day, both the east and west of the kingdom were attacked at once, as if the kingdom was struck from its middle. A force only described as a great chaos struck and the kingdom fell to its knees instantly. This is known as the first coming of Fatalis. Since then these dragons hide in the shadows to the point the guild doesn't believe they exist.

There is a second legend that one day another Fatalis will rise, known as the Black Flame. It will be nothing like the beasts we see here, 6 horns, bizzare dragon element fluids dripping from its hides and the ability to control a new element known as Black Fire. Thankfully no such beast has appeared.

But two unique specimens have been observed as listed above. The Crimson Fatalis is a Fatalis who has been consumed by rage. It is old, unbelievably old. It is believed to have been a Fatalis who lost battle with a band of hunters and retreated deep into the volcanic ranges of the Old World, where its angry consumed and changed it. It's rage and age has granted it strange new powers such as the ability to summon meteors from the heavens. Due to it's rage it is somehow even more insanely aggressive and driven to slaughter any hunter that stands before it.

Now if the Crimison Fatalis is consider unbelievably old, then the White is impossibly old. Some believe the White is the original Fatalis talked of in legends of destroying the Schrade Kingdom. All that is known is this ancient monstrosity as learned to control a foul red lightning which it can send arching from its maw or summon from the sky. It has grown a eerie mane of white fur that glows and shimmers as if its in sunlight even in the middle of the night. Documents state the power of the White is so great it can call upon and command other Black Dragons, younger Fatalis and Crimsons.

However all this, from the Hunting Guilds perspective anyway, is merely conjecture and rumour and assumptions. Nearly every hunter sent to fight these beasts fails, and those that succeed eventually disappear without a trace.

Because all 3 types share one trait: They never truly die or so it is believed. Weapons made from their bodies writhe as if alive. Ancient Swords made from their flesh regenerate over time if damaged. Hunters who wear armour made from them have no shadow. Rumour believes the slayers of Fatalis who decide to don their hides eventually become Fatalis themselves, the beast possessing and regenerating from their slayer, ready to hunt humanity once more.

The Black Dragons powers and aura are so disturbing and strange that they are considered strange in a world of monsters where giant spiders drape the pelts of enormous bird dragons who spit poison to shield them from other monsters who wield the power of lightning, in a world where strange horse like creatures can appear in a flash of light and dragons wear mountains as shells, where what we deem supernatural in our world to them is merely part of nature, these 5 are consider unnatual.

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